The hypnotist defuses the effects of desire

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Geek’s Lair: Who is your desire and what was its attraction?

Mason Alexander Garden: Well Desire is very attractive to me as an actor and a fan of this world and a fan of Neil Gaiman. Desire is any aspect of desire that you can think of in your own experience with the word, and with the actual feeling. It’s really complicated to think about the concept of desire and how it manifests itself in a million different ways, positive and negative, sexual and emotional. To be able to look at a character’s choices and their relationship to dreaming through that lens is a beautiful roadmap explaining their behaviour, which definitely needs explaining at times.

What is the nature of Desire’s relationship to a dream?

Desire is indeed an antagonist, but it is by no means a conventional antagonist. They do what they really mean to do, what they were designed to do, and they don’t really stray from that. It is amazing that there are both good, and I do not want to say evil because desire is by no means evil, but malicious intent. Always wanting something, so play with both sides. He is someone who represents all the good and amazing things that you want and need and also the darker things too.

Does Desire have a chance to change into the show like Dream?

I think desire is constantly changing. I think this is built into their identity. I believe that personality is constantly evolving and constantly changing, in the same way that our desires change, moment to moment, second to second, day after day.

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