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Meaning of FLKS on TikTok – Meaning of FLKS on TikTok – For those of you who frequently update to social media, especially TikTok or Twitter, you will surely know some slang, because there are always new terms popping up related to slang on TikTok.

TikTok is one of the social media application that has recently attracted a lot of attention of the public, because now TikTok is a giant application that is widely used by different groups starting for enjoyment. Thus, earnings through TikTok business also give rise to many new trends and slang as well, one of which is FLKS on TikTok.

What does FLKS mean on TikTok?

Social media services like TikTok always have the slang that pops up and goes viral. The meaning of FLKS is an acronym for Follow, Like, Comment, Share. Even if you don’t explain, you already know what you mean. You will be asked to follow, like, comment and share your TikTok videos. Read this: The meaning of YGY on TikTok

This is a kind of invitation to fellow TikTok account users to take actions that are mutually beneficial. “Come, follow my account, give likes and comment on my posts or share my videos. I will do the same in your videos.” This is approximately when translating the meaning of the sentence.

Several people commented mentioning FLKS on TikTok videos, it was a sign of inviting the account owner to follow, like, comment and share. There is no more meaning.. FLKS is just an acronym. It is up to you whether you want to make FLKS or not. Nothing needs to be done. You can decline and you can accept.

Keuntungan FLKS by TikTok

If other people do FLKS on your videos, your videos on TikTok will definitely be seen by many other TikTok users because they appear on their homepage. So that your content has an opportunity to appear in FYP. Read also: Meaning of Sasimo on TikTok

The benefits of following can also increase your followers, and the people who follow you prove that they are interested in your content. This will make TikTok recommend your video content to appear in other people’s feeds.

The like feature shows that the video is so popular that it should be distributed to others. While the benefits of comments are almost the same as likes, many likes can create FYP videos. While the large number of comments also made the video enter FYP.

Well, here is the information we can give you all about what FLKS means on TikTok. We hope this information is useful and you can also use the information as much as possible.

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