The post of Arawenda’s close friend went viral, and netizens suspected Jedo

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The post of Arawenda's close friend went viral, and netizens suspected Jedo

JAKARTA, INDONESIATODAY.CO.ID – Actress Arawenda Kirana is netizen talk again after her best friend’s uploads were made public.

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In his upload, Arawenda revealed what was in her heart that was allegedly intended for Guiddo.

Arwenda wrote in English, Wednesday (3/7/2022): “I really need you right now. I’m in a very bad place. Please tell me.”

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In another close friend’s upload, Arawenda poses for photos in revealing clothing. In the photo, Arawenda said her best friend on Instagram was empty.

“My best friend is empty,” he wrote.

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Internet users suspected that the account entered into a close friend was Guiddo’s Instagram account. Therefore, it is believed that loading on Arawinda’s close friend is a symbol of Guiddo.

“Let’s take a look at the caption, ‘Best friends, I’m blank.'” “That means his ad is just Guiddo. All of his comments are also for Guiddo. He made the ‘Fishing’ story after Guiddo didn’t want to see it for him again.” Twitterdewi*** wrote.

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In addition, another user suspected that Guiddo’s Instagram account was being held by his wife, so the uploads of Arawinda’s close friend went viral to the public.

@1nd*** account wrote: “You’re holding your husband’s ig, that’s what Manda takes.”

So far, this Yoni star has not provided any clarification or response regarding her relationship rumors with Guiddo.

Even the Picture Cup winner’s Instagram account seemed deserted since the rumors spread, this 2001-born woman chose to limit comments on her social media account.

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