Thor: Love & Thunder delayed in Malaysia due to gay scenes?

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Everyone is listening! We have a very important announcement from GSC Cinemas regarding “Thor: Love And Thunder”! Looks like the movie’s release date has been pushed back ooh ooh Sound effects*. Hello can not!

It was originally supposed to release on July 7, 2022. But it will be released two weeks later. New release date now falls in July 21, 2022. But according to the post from GSC Cinemas, those who pre-purchased tickets will be refunded in full within 14 working days.


So far Malaysia appears to be the only country that has postponed “Thor: Love & Thunder”. While local netizens are suggesting if it is because of how well Mat Kilau is currently performing in cinemas, we don’t think that is the case. Why did Disney Malaysia re-release the blockbuster Marvel movie Mat Kilau? To quote our colleague, that doesn’t make sense from a business point of view.

If we’re to guess, it could be due to some LGBT scenes in “Thor: Love & Thunder.” Tessa Thompson recently told Yahoo Entertainment in an interview that Valkyrie’s sexuality “was a major talking point” with director Taika Waititi. “We talked about it a lot, because I rightly believe that there is a real desire in audiences to see the characters very clearly gay or LGBTQIA within these spaces. I think it is very important to have representationShe said.

The korean actress added, “And also as human beings I think we are not defined by our gender and who we love. So sometimes I think that hanging the narrative completely on this is a way to dehumanize the character. Because you don’t let them be anything else. “

Source: MGAG

We’re not sure if “Thor: Love & Thunder” was delayed in order to remove some scenes, but we know that pretty much – spoilers will be hard to avoid for an entire two weeks!

Sources: Instagram and Yahoo

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