TikTok is raising rumors that Camille Vásquez may be referring to David Dobrik in the Jeff Wittek case
TikTok is raising rumors that Camille Vásquez may be referring to David Dobrik in the Jeff Wittek case

TikTok is raising rumors that Camille Vásquez may be referring to David Dobrik in the Jeff Wittek case

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David Dobrik is being sued by Jeff Wittek after an operation with an excavator went inappropriately – and he’s got one lawyer special in ideas.

After TMZ revealed the information to most people, rumors surfaced online that David was likely going to use Camille Vazquez as his attorney.

If you want to expedite claims, look no further. HITC has all the elements for you to find out about what happened with David and Jeff, who Camille Vasquez is, and the rumors surrounding skilled defending authorized Dobrik.

David Dobrik vs Jeff Wittek

Jeff Wittek is suing David Dobrik for $10 million. The suit was obtained by TMZ, with Jeff’s side of the story being heard.

Jeff claimed that in 2020, David and a group of his colleagues filmed a video of David Dobrik in the spot where they were taking turns swinging spherically by a rope attached to an excavator that David was handling.

However, because the event gear was going so fast, Jeff ended up hitting the excavator at full pressure. TMZ reported that this resulted in injury above all, resulting in a broken foot, hip, and smashing of the skull with his eye spilled.

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TikTok thinks Camille Vazquez might mean David Dobrik

Camille has gained recognition for his defense of Johnny Depp in the defamation case towards Amber Heard.

She’s grown up to be the talk of the town as quickly as possible after a clip of her and Ben Chew went viral online on TikTok. In it, Ben will be heard telling Camille that he spoke to David Dobrik, leading to rumors that they would represent him at his trial.

While the video doesn’t paint a complete picture of what the meeting was about, given that David is currently facing a lawsuit by Jeff, many suspected that he might be referring to something similar. As of now, an official confirmation has been released from David or Camille’s crew. In the second, details about Camille and Ben’s acting for David are just rumours.

Camille’s followers hope the rumors are not true

Since David Dobrik has been embroiled in a lot of scandals over the years, Camille’s followers aren’t entirely satisfied with the gossip surrounding her representing him. In fact, many have turned to social media to identify their concerns.

One Twitter user He wrote: “If Camille took over David Dobrik’s case, I wouldn’t be a fan anymore.”

Jess The Reporter took to TikTok to inform customers about the rumors, and Camille’s followers were quick to jump at the suggestions. One TikTok shopper commented, “I really hope you don’t. If there is anything you should represent Jeff.”

Although there is no confirmation of this point, it seems that Camille’s followers want her to move away from the world of YouTubers.

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