Two ways to buy apps and games on Google Play with credit

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One of the most popular ways to purchase apps from the Play Store is to use a credit card. But if you don’t have it, there is a way to buy apps and games from the Google Play Store with credit that you can try.

The apps on Google Play that are priced are usually of better quality and don’t often display annoying ads. While the buying process is very easy, it can be a bit complicated for beginners.

How to buy apps and games from Google Play Store with credit for yourself

The method is divided into two stages as follows:

1. Activation

Telkomsel is one of the telephone operators in the country that has provided carrier billing (pulse charging) facility to prepaid and postpaid customers who wish to purchase games, e-books or other applications from Google Play Store.

But some time before Telkomsel, there was the XL Axiata and Indosat that you already own. The system for this purchase is automatic credit deduction. For example, if you are using the Telkomsel operator, how to make an app purchase is as follows:

Open Google Play from Android with Telkomsel Card installed. If you open from another Android device or laptop, Telkomsel billing feature will not appear later.

  • Next is the “Account Picture” tab in the upper right corner of the mobile screen.
  • Select the Payments & Subscriptions menu, then select Payment Method.

Select-Menu-Payment-And-Subscribe-Then-Select-Payment Method

  • Now a few more options will appear, select “Add Telkomsel Invoices” and then click the green button that says “Activate” at the bottom of the screen.

Now-multiple options-will-appear-again-choose-add-billing-telkomsel

  • After that, a pop-up notification will appear with the application asking for permission to send an SMS to your Telkomsel number and the SMS will be automatically charged to you from your balance. If you agree, please check the small box next to the words “Remember my message” and then click the “Send” button.
  • In the next section, you will be asked to fill in personal information such as your Telkomsel number, your home address, your full name, etc. Fill it out correctly and completely and click “Save” when finished.
  • After a few seconds, the mobile phone screen will display the personal data you entered in detail and clearly. If everything is correct, you can click on the “Accept” button right away. But in case there is any wrong information, you can correct it by clicking on “pencil drawing” and then correct the wrong part.
  • Then the application will send an SMS to the number you previously registered to inform you that you have successfully activated carrier billing, which means that you can start purchasing applications on Google Play with payments in the form of automatic credit deductions.

2. How to buy and pay

After activation, you can proceed to the steps below:

  • Still using the same Android (which was installed with Telkomsel card previously, open Google Play app and search for any other game or app you want.
  • Right below the app or game screen, a green price tag will immediately appear. Click on this rating and click Accept.
  • Click the Buy button and the app will automatically download as normal as long as your balance amount is greater or at least the same as the app price.

Click the buy button and the application will look like an automatic download

After the download process is completed, you will receive an SMS in the form of a notification that you have made a successful purchase and in full payment with the name of the application, price, amount of VAT, etc.

How to buy apps and games from Google Play Store using credit for others

Although unlike iTunes App Store, which makes it easier for you to purchase apps or games on behalf of other people, there are still some solutions to achieve the same goal if you are an Android user who likes to give apps to other Android users.

One of the easiest ways is to add the app to Google Play Family Library. Basically you will buy the app using your own account and then the recipient can download the app as if they paid for it.

However, the downside to this method is that the people you add to your Google Play family list will have access to your payment method, which means they will be able to purchase apps and other Google Play items using your credit or debit card in the future.

But if you don’t mind, go ahead and open the Play Store app on your Android device and then follow the instructions below:

  • Click your account picture > Click Settings > Family > Family Group List > Select Register > Click the Continue button several times and then follow the on-screen instructions until you have successfully added the person you want Purchase The application to the family list.

Click your account picture Click Settings - Family List Group Family Group Select Lists

  • Now buy the application you want and put it in the Family Library.

How to cancel an app purchase on Google Play Store

If for some reason it turns out that you want to cancel, the balance you previously paid can actually be returned, you know. Provided that this cancellation request does not exceed two hours from the time the in-app purchase was made.

If more than 2 hours have passed, then you should contact the app developer directly. Otherwise, your credit will not return even if you uninstall the app.

Another condition is that cancellation can only be done once per order. For example, I just bought App A for 50,000 rupees using credit and then 2 hours ago applied for cancellation for some reason and it turned out that the application was accepted.

After that, a balance of Rs 50,000 will be returned immediately and soundly, aka no discount on any charges. After a few hours or days, it turns out that you want to buy the app again and it works.

But shortly after that, you want to apply for another cancellation, then on this second cancellation your application will be rejected and your credit will not be returned. As for the cancellation method itself, it is as follows:

  • Open the Play Store using the same Android as before, then tap your account picture in the upper right corner.
  • Now select the “My apps and games” menu.
  • Next, find the app or game you recently purchased that you want to cancel.
  • Click on the application and you will see two options, which are “Unlock” and “Recover”. Click on the second option and on the popup notification that appears click Yes.

Click on the app and you will see two options which is Open and Recover

After a few seconds, the app will be automatically uninstalled and you will receive an SMS notification that you have successfully applied to uninstall the app from the Google Play Store. At about the same time as this SMS, your credit will also return immediately.

Now you not only know how to buy apps and games from the Google Play Store with credit, but you also know how to buy apps for others and how to cancel the purchase if it turns out that you bought the wrong app or for some other reason.

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