Two Ways to Create Zoom Meeting Links to Host on HP and PC
Two Ways to Create Zoom Meeting Links to Host on HP and PC

Two Ways to Create Zoom Meeting Links to Host on HP and PC

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How to make Zoom meeting link misinformation interesting and sought after by many people. The reason is that Zoom is increasingly popular among the public, especially office workers and academics in Indonesia. Maybe you’re not the only one who’s practiced it yourself.

The Corona pandemic has made them work from home (WFH) by interacting via Zoom online. This way, you and WFH staff can continue to communicate, exchange opinions, and even debate through the app.

However, do you know how to create a link for a Zoom meeting or not? Zoom link is very important to be applied in the meeting or meeting you are having. For more details on this Zoom meeting link, please read the description below.

How to Create a Zoom Meeting Link on a Laptop or PC (PC)

It is known that the Zoom application can accommodate a maximum of 100 people in an online meeting. There are a large number of them so this video conferencing app is the choice of many people who want to do it.

A laptop or PC is one of the types of tools Zoom can use. But before using the laptop, you have to check its completeness first. Especially online meeting equipment, such as webcams, microphones, and headphones.

If something doesn’t exist yet, you have to complete it first because online meetings via Zoom really depend on all these features when you are connected. In addition to hardware or hardware completeness, you also have the Zoom software or the app itself.

You can download and install the updated Zoom app through the Google Play Store for free. If it is already installed, you can use it right away. However, you have to restart your laptop before using the recently installed Zoom app.

After Zoom is complete hardware and software ready, you must have a Zoom link to be able to apply it. Next, how do you create a Zoom meeting link on a recommended laptop or PC? Here is more information.

  • You must first install Zoom Cloud Meeting for PC on the laptop or PC you want to use. You can search for the app in the Play Store so that it can be downloaded and installed for free.
  • If you do not find it in the Play Store, you can search for the download file on the site or website by Googling on the Internet. Keep in mind that you have to make sure that the download file is complete, so that it can be installed perfectly.
  • After the application is installed successfully, please restart your laptop or PC first. Then open the app until the home page appears. Next, click the Join Meeting button or icon.
  • Next, you will be asked to sign in to be able to create a Zoom account. Not to worry, you can log in by registering via Gmail, Facebook or SSO. Just choose one of the platforms you have, so account registration is even faster.
  • After logging in, wait a few moments for the initial zoom screen to appear. Then, simply click on New Meeting to create a new room or room.

After logging in, wait a few moments

  • You have created a Zoom link for the meeting. Then, you can share the link so more people know about it. Especially the people you want to meet on Zoom in the future.
  • To share a Zoom meeting link, simply click Invite. You can also share the meeting ID or password of the zoom meeting by clicking the i icon in the upper left corner. This way, you can share links, IDs, or passwords via email, WhatsApp, or others.

To share the zoom link

This is how to create a Zoom meeting link on a laptop or PC that you can practice right now. Pretty easy, isn’t it? If you encounter problems or problems in the manufacturing process, do not panic. You can repeat the process from the beginning.

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How to create a Zoom meeting link on an Android or iOS smartphone

In addition to a laptop or PC, you can also create a quick meeting link via an Android or iOS smartphone. This type of tool is commonly used by many people around the world. From children to parents own and use it.

Likewise when you want Zoom so you can have online meetings with your friends, friends or co-workers. Smartphones are an attractive option. It is not small in size and can be carried anywhere.

However, today’s smartphone specifications are also getting more and more complex. In fact, its evolution could equate to a larger laptop or PC class in size. This is a distinctive feature for everyone who owns it.

Moreover, the completeness of zoom meeting devices, such as cameras, microphones and headphones, is already installed internally in the smartphone. So, you don’t have to worry about adding more accessories.

Next, how do you create a Zoom meeting link on an Android or iOS smartphone? Here is more information you should know.

  • You must first download and install Zoom Cloud Meetings app via Play Store or App Store for free. If you don’t find the app there, you can search for it by Googling on the internet.
  • There is most likely a website or website that provides the download file for free for download. It is usually websites, tools or games of a technological nature that discuss and provide download files for this type of application.
  • After you find it, just download and install it on your smartphone. Once installed, you must restart your gadget before opening the recently installed Zoom app.
  • Next, open the Zoom app and you will be asked to sign in first to enter the home page. You can sign in via Gmail, SSO, or Facebook. This way, you are faster to log in without having to create a new account.
  • After entering the homepage, simply click on Choose new meeting to create a new meeting room. Then, you can make some settings, such as playing the video and using your personal meeting ID.
  • Next, click Start meeting to start a meeting or meeting. You can also share the Zoom link to the meeting you just created by clicking the Participants icon at the bottom of the screen. Then click Invite and click Copy Invite Link.

Next, click Start Meeting

  • This way, you can share the Zoom meeting link with people or friends so they can join the online meetings. You can share it through various social media platforms that you follow.

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This is how to create a Zoom meeting link on an Android or iOS based smartphone. This method is very easy for you to practice right away. This way, you can instantly have Zoom meetings with people, friends or co-workers online.

Therefore, how to create a Zoom meeting link can be applied to almost all gadgets, such as laptops, computers, and smartphones. You can choose the tools you want to use for Zoom meetings, which are important to suit your needs. Good luck and God bless you.

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