Vehicle transportation fee calculation simulation
Vehicle transportation fee calculation simulation

Vehicle transportation fee calculation simulation

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For those of you who are still confused How to calculate the cost of changing the name of the car? Check out the car name change costing simulation discussion here. Changing names when buying a used car is very important. Because when the used car has been renamed to a personal name, you won’t have a problem when it comes to expanding STNK.

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Today, it is certain that many people already own vehicles such as motorcycles and cars. Everyone has their dream car. There are different ways for someone to get a car, whether buying it directly from the dealer or buying a used one from someone else. If you think about it, buying a used car will be much more efficient and effective because if you look at it, the value of a car like this one will decrease over time.

Vehicle transportation fee calculation simulation

If you bought a car from a second party or another person, the ownership of the car listed on the car ownership certificate is not our name, but the name of the person. If we want to change the name on the title certificate, we need to change the name. We usually call this BNKB or Motor Vehicle Transfer.

Renaming this car will be very useful to you. why is that? Because in the following year and times, you will not bother paying car tax.

When paying taxes, where this is usually required KTP and STNK on behalf of the vehicle owner.

If the car owner is close to your home, this may not be a problem. However, if the owner of the STNK-listed vehicle is far from where you are, you will have trouble submitting ID or other documents to pay taxes. Now, if your STNK changes or your name changes for you, it will be easier for you to pay taxes, because you don’t have to bother to borrow the old owner’s ID.

Of course, when doing this name transfer we need to pay a Motor Vehicle Transfer Fee (BBNKB) or simply BBN (Transport Fee). Well, some of you must be wondering about the cost of moving a car. This time we will discuss the simulation of calculating the cost of changing the name of the car. Let’s get into the discussion.

Well, for example, when we buy a car for 120,000,000, then the imposition of a simulated tariff is as follows.

Previously, I would like to inform you first if you want to change your name in Jakarta, here are the applicable BBNKB rates in Jakarta:

  1. Transfer Fee for New Vehicles (First Handover) 12.5%
  2. Name recovery for vehicles not new or second (second delivery) 1%

How to Calculate the Cost of Renaming a Used Car

If applied, then:

  • Used car purchase price x BBNKB price = Rs 120.000.000 1% = Rs 1,200,000
  • car tax fee = IDR 120,000,000 x 2% = 2,400,000 rupees
  • Mandatory contribution to the accident fund = 143,000 rupees
  • Administrative fees and STNK issuance = 250,000 rupees
  • TNKB . Fee = 100,000 rupees
  • BPKB . Fee = 375,000 rupees
  • Vehicle name transfer registration fee = 100,000 rupees

Well, above is a simulation of calculating the cost of changing the name of a car. Approximately the cost you will spend to transfer the name of the vehicle for Rp.120,000,000 is Rs 4,568,000. However, the above prices are also subject to change at any time, guys, depending on the age of the vehicle and other factors.

Conditions to be taken when changing the names of cars

So, if you already know how to calculate it, learning with Yudha will explain the requirements you must meet to apply for the transfer of your vehicle name. The requirements are not too difficult, you only need to prepare:

1. Perform a physical inspection of the vehicle

This physical vehicle inspection includes checking the tire number as well as checking the physical condition of the vehicle. It is recommended to come early because sometimes there are many other queues in Samsat.

2. Fill out the registration form

If so, you will be asked to fill out a registration form that includes the identity of the party who wants to change your name and also other requested information.

3. Payment

The last step is to pay the cashier. Just wait a bit to get the latest releases of BPKB and STNK with your name on it.

Easy isn’t it? So let’s change the name of your vehicle immediately to facilitate transactions related to your vehicle. After changing your name, you will feel more comfortable using it because it does not include other people’s identity if something happens to your car.

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