[VIDEO] “A good voice is a prize” – Nami seems to be a music graduate

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Despite being able to joke around with two of the group’s top members, the new talent, Smy at home He also drew attention due to his merciful singing.

He is part of the Ubi group in Muzikal Lawak Superstar (MLS) Season 3 with Fad Bocey and Sharif Zero, and has received praise from judges and audiences who were amazed to hear his voice.

“For me, talent is a gift from God. Actually, I am a Bachelor of Music graduate.

He told BOOM, “Before I tried singing but I didn’t have any money and the comedy field seemed to come first.”

Namie is not random and it is not an exaggeration if it is said that he is one of the BBNU worth emulating as he also excels in the academic field.

With more information, the experience of playing on the MLS stage is a valuable way for him to prove his talent.

Even sweeter as he admits, Fad and Sharif have given him excellent support and opportunities.

Nami joined the Superstar musical comedy with Fad and Sharif.

“It’s not about who stands out the most because I’m still new, even both of them are very experienced.

“Those who want to highlight me and help me a lot including overcoming nervousness.

“If you follow me, I feel like there was no blood the night of the show and I’m already sitting on the floor because I’m nervous,” he said.

Nami said she couldn’t believe it when it was announced that her team Ubi came at their best in the first week.

“Don’t say it was declared the best, I didn’t realize when I finished the performance.

“Thank God it all ended well. Thank you and keep supporting Obi,” said the owner, real name Najmi Shahuddin, 25.

Before that, the man often produced many “dumb” videos using the Negeri Sembilan dialect on social media which made the audience not dry up when they saw his speech. – Bubble!

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