Viral Video of the Girl 2022 The Video Girl Of Facebook Link
Viral Video of the Girl 2022 The Video Girl Of Facebook Link

Viral Video of the Girl 2022 The Video Girl Of Facebook Link

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They assign “changocorrido” to a killer spider monkey killed in Texaltitlan after a confrontation between members of organized crime and the police of Texaltitlan, Mexico State,

It has been revealed that a professional killer spider monkey they are now dedicating a corridor to has been shot.

At the end of the fighting, they were also able to secure 20 R-15 long guns,

Short weapons, useful cartridges, five vehicles as well as tactical gear such as flak jackets, military uniforms and communication equipment.

However, soon after another strange discovery appeared, because in one of the photographs of the brooding a specific lecher can be seen:

spider monkey. The animal was above one of the fallen attackers.

Run to the killer spider monkey

On social media, the corridor dedicated to the killer spider monkey has spread, which narrates the events in which the animal died and how it was identified minutes ago,

On the head of a young man in a camouflage jacket.

The video is two minutes and 14 seconds long, in which images of when he was alive are seen, and begins by saying: “It’s a very short life,

It wasn’t the monkey’s turn, someone stole his story, because he came to succeed and shine in many things.

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It is assumed that the exotic animal may have been a pet of a member of the Michoacan family

They were in place, because exotic and expensive species are common among members of the country’s organized crime.

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