Visa furada: Be careful before you lose money
Visa furada: Be careful before you lose money

Visa furada: Be careful before you lose money

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Makkah 23 Dhul Qi’dah 1443 AH Thursday – The public is reminded not to be deceived by the offer of Alvorada visa with a package that can amount to more than RM50,000 but there is no guarantee that the Hajj visa will be approved for the applicant.

The Alvorada visa is a self-administered visa and is said to be issued by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia without including the amount of quota obtained by Lembaga Tabung Haji (TH).

The head of the Malaysian Hajj delegation, Datuk Seri Syed Saleh Syed Abdul Rahman, said that so far, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has not been informed of the issuance of Alfurada visas for the Hajj season 1443 AH / 2022 AD, and those who made the payments should be more careful.

He said that TH is often reminded of the dangers of the Al Furada pilgrimage, not to mention the scenario of this year’s Hajj season which has set various conditions by the government of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia also limits only one million Muslims to perform the Hajj, which is 85 percent that includes pilgrims outside Saudi Arabia and another 15 percent specifically for those who live in the country, but need to obtain a permit and sign up for a package provided by the Ministry of Hajj. Saudi Umrah.

Saudi Arabia offers two packages for local residents to perform Hajj, and the prices of these packages range between MYR 11,000 and MYR 14,000. I hope we understand this situation, and the Saudi government has also stated that we should be careful because there are indeed certain destinations that offer fake Hajj packages.

“This scenario is happening internationally and in Malaysia we also find that there are agencies that are not licensed by TH and not recognized by TH that offer packages called furada visas. So I hope Muslims in Malaysia will not be deceived by these advertisements,” he told reporters at the Janadriyah Towers building that houses the headquarters. The main state of Malaysia and the Malaysian pilgrims.

Syed Salih also reminded individuals or companies that provide Alvorada visas without a license that they can be prosecuted under the TH Act, which is an offense for advertising or performing Hajj without a license from TH.

“We have found that many have been deceived by the scheme and advertising, so be careful,” he said, also noting that Malaysians can choose 20 travel agency companies or better known as Pengelola Jemaah Haji (PJH) to perform the hajj in groups.

PJH offers various packages ranging from RM 35,000 and up a share sourced from TH and Malaysia.

Meanwhile, Bernama’s social media survey has found that promotions for Alvorada visas are increasingly being carried out by irresponsible parties who have promised potential pilgrims to leave on July 5.

This offer is a bit questionable because Saudi Arabia has scheduled the last Hajj pilgrimage to July 4, not to mention the endowment day approaching.

The party contacted via WhatsApp also reported that it is targeting 80 people with packages ranging from RM38,000 to RM56,000 as well as requesting an advance payment of RM15,000 at the ostensibly spot rate for visa issues at the Embassy of Saudi Arabia.

Despite asking for a deposit, the company representative insisted that the chance of access to the Holy Land is only 50-50, and in case of failure, the money will be returned indefinitely or the applicant can file a complaint with the authorities based on the receipt to be submitted.

Therefore, the public who made the Alvorada visa payments should do more examination and, as Syed Salih said, they are worried that the one paid will be burned in this way. – the name of the thing

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