Wearing sexy costumes when singing Indonesia’s anthem Raya, Mahalini floods criticism: Sorry the clothes don’t fit

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Wearing sexy costumes when singing Indonesia's anthem Raya, Mahalini floods criticism: Sorry the clothes don't fit

INDONESIATODAY.CO.ID – Singer Mahalini Raharja has recently caught the attention of netizens for her appearance while singing on stage. Netizens got rumors about Rizki’s lover Vibian because it was considered that he was wearing an unsuitable outfit when singing the national anthem Indonesia Raya.

In the video uploaded to the Instagram account @lambegosiip, Mahalini is seen standing in the center of the stage. He was also heard singing the Indonesian national anthem Raya gracefully and solemnly.

Adu Gaya Azalia Bianda Avissa vs Mahalini (Instagram / @azaliabiandaavissa / @mahaliniraharja)

The chanting of “Indonesia Raya” that came out of Mahalini’s mouth was followed by the whole audience in perfect poses.

Unfortunately, there are things that are becoming negative spotlight from netizens on Mahalini’s appearance. The costumes worn by the Indonesian player who dropped out of school were deemed too sexy and not appropriate to wear when singing Indonesia Raya, which is the national anthem of Indonesia.

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At the time, Mahalini appeared to be wearing a dress with green fringe on her chest, while her body was dressed in a sheer material that made her underwear visible.

“His voice is very courteous,” the account wrote in the caption column.

Netizens also expressed their opinions regarding the clothes Mahalini wore when singing “Riya Indonesia”.

Mahalini (Instagram / @lambegosiip)

One netizen commented, “It is recommended that anyone who sings the national anthem wears what matches the song. Not what is inappropriately worn, but it would be better if the national costume was modified. It should be better.”

Another online user said, “Sorry, the clothes don’t match the song, the sound is polite, the outfit isn’t (polite) sorry, it’s a shame the clothes don’t match.” Internet users.

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