Where was the man from toronto filmed?  Netflix filming locations
Where was the man from toronto filmed? Netflix filming locations

Where was the man from toronto filmed? Netflix filming locations

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Directed by Patrick Hughes, “The Man From Toronto” is an action comedy movie about Teddy, a stuttering businessman who is considered the biggest corruption in New York, and Randy, one of the world’s deadliest killers. When the two get confused at Airbnb, Teddy is forced to team up with Randy in order to stay alive.

The movie is not only full of action sequences but also with some of the biggest names in Hollywood as the cast includes Kevin Hart, Woody Harrelson, Kaley Cuoco and Ellen Barkin. There are many comedic elements scattered throughout the story, making it a fun and entertaining watch. However, the interesting use of locations in the film with the action scenes shot against different backgrounds makes the audience wonder about the production locations. If you’re one of those curious people, let’s put your curiosity to bed!

The man from the filming locations of Toronto

The Man From Toronto was filmed entirely in Ontario, specifically in Toronto, Brampton, Milton, and Hamilton. The original idea was to start filming in April 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, production was delayed and the production team moved to Ontario for filming. Finally, principal photography for the action movie began in October 2020 and ended in December of the same year. Now, let’s move on to the specific locations featured in Kevin Hart-starrer!

Toronto, Ontario

The majority of The Man From Toronto sequels were filmed on location in and around Toronto, the capital of Ontario. In December 2020, cast and crew members were seen filming a scene of a high-speed car chase on Bentway and Lake Shore Boulevard. The former is a public space located down the Gardiner Expressway used to host all kinds of events. The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Center) building at 205 Wellington Street West is decorated with tons of pink balloons, presumably to depict a festive scene for the movie.

More pivotal scenes were also recorded in and around the Omni King Edward Hotel at 37 King Street East in Toronto. Additionally, the production team used the introduction of Holy Angels Roman Catholic Church and Kingsway Boxing Club to record some scenes for the action movie. The first is located at 61 Jutland Road in Etobicoke and the other is at 22-B Jutland Road in Etobicoke. Kevin Hart and others were also seen filming some parts on Kipling Street and Queensway in November 2020.

The cast and crew of The Man From Toronto made use of the facilities of Century Studio to capture various scenes for the film. Located at 7030 Century Ave in Mississauga, neighboring Toronto, the studio spans over 68,000 square feet and consists of a large theater, office space, wardrobe, and crew parking.

Brampton, Ontario

The opening scene was filmed where Teddy ends up in the wrong Airbnb in Brampton’s Heart Lake conservation area. According to reports, the booth seen in the scene was created only by the production team for the movie. Several other significant scenes of the film were recorded at Brampton GO. It is located at 27 Church Street West in Brampton.

Milton, Ontario

Additional parts of “The Man from Toronto” were filmed in Milton, a town in southern Ontario. In November 2020, the actors and crew were seen on Main Street, where they were filming various scenes for the action-comedy. Specifically, the Ivy Arms Pub at 201 Main Street East served as the production site for the film.

Hamilton, Ontario

For filming purposes, the production team set up camp at John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport at 9300 Airport Road 2206 in Mount Hope. Some important scenes were also captured at Ancaster Mill. This is a picturesque creekside restaurant located at 548 Old Dundas Road in the historic town of Ancaster.

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