Who is Firas Antoun and David Tassilo?  PornHub Dumps Former Internet Giant Underage Dollar Videos Scandal – News235
Who is Firas Antoun and David Tassilo? PornHub Dumps Former Internet Giant Underage Dollar Videos Scandal – News235

Who is Firas Antoun and David Tassilo? PornHub Dumps Former Internet Giant Underage Dollar Videos Scandal – News235

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On June 21, Head of Government and MindGeek’s COO David Tassilo and Firas Anton, respectively, submitted their resignations from the company as a result of growing complaints of inappropriate films allegedly posted on the website.

The two CEOs are leaving the company, although they may switch to shareholders, according to an announcement from MindGeek. In line with workers’ social media posts on Tuesday, June 21, the company has additionally carried out an unspecified variety of layoffs.

Having served in government positions for over ten years, Anton and Tassilo are no longer involved in the day-to-day operations of MindGeek

A company spokesperson said in an announcement that MindGeek’s chief management officer will handle day-to-day operations on a temporary basis while successors are being sought as the company is strategically positioned for long-term development. The information is the result of disturbing allegations declaring that MindGeek charges a fee to post inappropriate and underage movies on its websites, which additionally include Brazzers, RedTube and YouPorn.

An earlier story from June in the New Yorker focused on the dilemma of Rachel, a 15-year-old British woman who tried to remove films about herself from Pornhub and various websites after they were posted without her permission. Rachel complained to the Child Exploitation and Online Safety leadership of the Nationwide Crime Company in the UK, but the group was not very helpful.

After New York Publications published an article titled “Children of Bornhope” accusing the company of child trafficking, Anton and Tassilo were known to testify before the Canadian House of Commons Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics in March 2021. Dollar, whose films were printed on Pornhub when she was 15, also watched. As an alternative to cracking her video, Pornhub shared it on the platform and monetized it.

A $600 million class action lawsuit was filed with MindGeek in Luxembourg last year on behalf of several alleged teenage victims, whose recordings were uploaded to Pornhub without their permission. The woman who claims a video of her being raped when she was 12 was shown on Pornhub, a counsel in the class of lawsuit filed in Canada. It also accuses the site of ignoring its request to delete the video.

The institution also suffered greatly in 2020 when Visa and MasterCard stopped accepting funds for a number of their websites due to concerns about illegal content. The change “has been in the works since early 2022,” according to a MindGeek spokeswoman, who additionally claimed that Anton and Tassilo’s exit was related to the foundation’s latest media protections. The company is “in a strategic position for long-term development,” according to the spokesperson, and MindGeek’s government department staff will oversee day-to-day operations during the interim period while alternatives are sought.

Who is Firas Anton?

Firas Antoun, one of the owners of MindGeek and a resident of the Syrian capital Damascus, was born on June 29, 1975. For his engineering research, Anton moved to Montreal. In the early 2000s, he founded Mansef Productions, the premier porn website, along with 4 different engineering alumni. Later, he helped found Brazzers, a website with an anthology devoted to details about older girls. Anton, Wissam Youssef, Matt Keizer, and Stefan Manos are based Brazzers. Its definition is derived from how the phrase “brothers” is pronounced in the Middle East.

His house was burned down in April 2021 due to allegations that Pornhub was raped and various materials. “I misplaced rely on a variety of comments known to burn off my establishment or residence. For a while, the tweets were easy to ignore due to customer gossip online. After my fireplace caught fire,” he revealed earlier this year, he revealed to Vainness Honest .

Who is David Tassilo?

The father or parent company of Pornhub’s CEO is David Tassillo. After buying MindGeek from entrepreneur Fabian Thielmann in 2013, Tassilo and Anton cut ownership of the company. David Marmorestein Tassilo was mentioned in Pandora Papers, which claimed he hid his identity in a number of tax havens, in October 2021. In line with Tassilo’s assertion to The Solar in October 2021, “the transactions and construction are fully in place.” “Like many Fortune 500 companies, we have established companies in Delaware, Anguilla and British Virgin Islands to aid the project,” he said.

The tax haven in Luxembourg is where MindGeek is registered. Although the institution consists of premises in Los Angeles, London, Montreal, Cyprus and Budapest, Montreal serves as its headquarters. In line with the spokesperson for the organization, the company employs about 1,600 people, and its websites, which include Pornhub, RedTube, YouPorn and Brazzers, got about 4.5 billion visits per 30 days in 2020. That’s nearly twice as many visits as Google And Fb is mixed, and overall, its websites see more than 115 million guests per day, according to NewYorker.

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