Who was Naira Ashraf Abdel Qader? Woman stabbed to death by a stalker in Egypt

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A surprising story appeared at the place where it was reported that a young girl was stabbed in broad daylight outside Mansoura College. The girl was identified as Naira Ashraf Abdel Qader from northern Egypt. Her murder has shook most people to the core and it has become a popular topic on the web. According to studies, the girl was stabbed to death by a fellow university student in full view of public safety cameras. Check out the additional details here inside the article.

Who was Naira Ashraf Abdel Qader?  Woman stabbed to death by a stalker in Egypt

According to studies, Naira Ashraf was repeatedly stabbed in the neck and torso outside the entrance to Mansoura University. Pictures and films about her fitness spread across social media and caught the attention of netizens. The youngest girl was reportedly killed in front of terrified onlookers and within the presence of safety cameras. Police arrested a suspect who admitted he stabbed her to die because she simply refused to accept his marriage proposal.

Who Was Naira Ashraf Abdel Qader?

The suspect, who was identified as Mohamed Adel, was arrested at the scene only. The wrongdoer went on to say that Naira Ashraf blocked him on social media and that he tried to contact her for more than 12 months but she didn’t pay him much attention. Muhammad added that Naira grew to be known in those 12 months and gathered a following on social media as well. Currently, the suspect is in prison after he brutally murdered the young woman in broad daylight.

The whole incident was captured on CCTV and photos and films of the stabbed woman appeared on social media. She was stabbed in the neck and torso at the entrance to Mansoura University. Reports indicate that the young man who perpetuated this horrific crime is a third-year art student. Naira Ashraf was killed when she was walking around to the bus, so he stopped moving her residence to Al-Mahalla in Gharbia Governorate.

The man slashed the girl’s throat when passersby tried to catch him. Later, he was caught by onlookers and security. According to studies, Naira Ashraf was killed on Monday morning at the gates of the college by Muhammad Adel. Needless to say, it shook the whole of Egypt as everyone seemed to come forward and express their anger over the incident. Follow our site for more of these updates and the latest trending information. Stay tuned!

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