XRP steady at $0.36, can the bulls come back?

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XRP has been moving sideways over the past few days and the price has settled at $0.36. After encountering steady resistance at the $0.35 price mark, the coin finally managed to break the aforementioned price ceiling.

The altcoin has been trading in the green for the past 24 hours and is up 1.5%. Last week, XRP rose in double digits. Recently, on the development front, XRP plans to expand its operations to Canada in order to create a new Crypto Hub.

The coin showed positive sentiments as XRP managed to touch $0.38 on its chart. Shortly after touching the $0.38 level, it showed a pullback. Purchasing power also increased as the currency showed price optimism, and the asset was overbought for the past couple of days.

After the price correction, XRP retreated from the overbought zone. Today the global cryptocurrency market cap is $1.01 trillion with a positive change of 1.4% in the last 24 hours.

XRP Price Analysis: Four Hour Chart

XRPXRP is priced at $0.36 on the 4-hour chart | Source: XRPUSD on TradingView
The altcoin is trading at $0.36 on the four-hour chart. The coin’s upper resistance is at $0.38, and XRP immediately retreated after touching the aforementioned price level. The technical outlook for the currency charts an upcoming bullish price movement.

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