YouTube++ Apk IPA for Android and iOS TNo Root / Jailbreak Latest 2022
YouTube++ Apk IPA for Android and iOS TNo Root / Jailbreak Latest 2022

YouTube++ Apk IPA for Android and iOS TNo Root / Jailbreak Latest 2022

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YouTube++ Apk IPA for Android and iOS without root/jailbreak – Hello friends, you need to download YouTube++ Apk on your Android or iOS device to enjoy better video streaming.

There are no ads and any video can also be downloaded directly to your device without any hindrance.

This is an alternative to the main YouTube app that will immediately start showing a 15-20 second ad that can’t be delayed before watching any video.

Initially, this was just a modification made by a developer for iPhone users who jailbreak their phones, to modify the YouTube app to be free of ads and other added features.

But now it turns out that for those who don’t jailbreak, it turns out that you can, and not just on iPhone, on Android phones too.

Now for more details, check out the following article, because we will discuss it in more detail and we will also share a tutorial on how to install it.

What is YouTube++?

youtube++ apk ipa

YouTube++ It is a modified version of the popular YouTube app by google but it comes with more interesting features that you won’t get in the official app.

This app will make you more addictive to YouTube. Also known as YouTube Plus Plus, this app is the best alternative to YouTube and an exact copy of its user interface design.

In this post, I have provided the important information you need to know about this app and how to download it on your device. Either Android or iPhone.

Also, I have provided a solution for those who are facing the “Application not installed” error on their Android phone. Just follow my installation guide and everything will work.

What are the features of YouTube++?

Here are some of the features youtube plus-plus brings to you.

  • block ads
  • Download videos to your device
  • Play video/audio in the background
  • Adjust video playback speed (0.5x – 2.0x)
  • Replay the video automatically
  • Disable the minimum age
  • Forward/rewind control with assigned number of seconds
  • default playback quality
  • Audio player for downloaded videos
  • Get rid of annoying ads
  • Hide annoying video suggestions
  • dll

Download YouTube++ Apk IPA

number YouTube++
size 18.9 pm
System Android
uploading has been done 2022

For Android devices

For Android users, you can download the apk file via the button below, and you can directly install it on your Android phone. But for iOS users, follow the download steps we provide.

Install Cara:

  1. Download APK file
    First download the apk file we provided above.
  2. Enable Unknown Source
    Open the smartphone settings and activate “unknown sourceany enter Settings > else > aggregate > Enable Unknown Sources.
  3. Installations
    Find the apk file you downloaded and then click and tap on it Installations at the bottom right.
  4. he did
    Wait for the installation process to run until it is finished.

for iOS

For iOS users, please follow the steps to download YouTube++ below.

  • Step 1: Open the Safari browser on your iOS device and visit, then click on English and follow the steps to install the configuration profile.
  • Step 2: After installing the configuration profile, now go back to the main screen and open ftOS. Now, switch to the ftStore tab and select ‘Modify App More Features’.
  • Step 3: After going to the tab “Modify the app more features” scroll a bit and you can see the Youtube++ app there. If there is a green tick before YouTube++, you are ready to install the application. Open it and tap on the “Install” option.
  • The fourth step: Once the installation is complete, go to Settings and trust the developer on your device. Settings -> General -> Profiles and Device Management.
  • Fifth step: Under the Enterprise apps section, the app profile belongs to the recently installed app. Go to the profile, press the trust button and confirm again. Run the application.

Not only do you now have an app that allows you to download YouTube videos to your device, you also have an app that blocks annoying ads while streaming YouTube videos.

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