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During this pandemic, many of us are unable to carry out our usual activities. Especially at this time we are encouraged to stay away from crowds and stay just stay at home, to overcome boredom at home you can read online comics through websites or applications for free.

Maybe for those of you who like to read and like explore going to bookstores, or small roadside stalls, I really feel how the pandemic has limited the space for all of us.

Even so, your reading hobby can still exist, you know. Because, technological sophistication is increasingly giving birth to online reading platforms both free and paid.

Well, for those of you who like to read comics, here are recommendations for free online comic platforms that you can enjoy at home. Remember yes! if there is no interest, try not to wander because if you don’t love your body, who else?

Immediately, here are some sites and provider applications for reading comics online that you must visit. Chek this out!

1. Line Webtoon

Indonesian comic app

Sequence one is occupied by Line Webtoon. hi, webtoon lovers who often waits for your favorite comic schedule update?

Webtoons are not new in Indonesia, this Korean manhwa application is very popular among young people. Webtoon is a free digital comic service that allows you to enjoy various readings from comic creators both at home and abroad.

In addition to his really cool comic collection, it’s not uncommon for many films to be adapted from Webtoons that further enhance his image in the public eye. Not to mention if oppa handsome who play, well more and more who love this application. Some films that are based on Webtoons such as Sweet Home, True Beauty, My ID is Gangnam Beauty and much more.

On Webtoon, you will find a variety of quality comics for free. Line Webtoon also updates regularly every day, so you don’t run out of reading material. You can search for a variety of comics from comedy to action genres.

Even though it comes from Korea, there are now many super cool comics made by local children. For example, Eggnoid, Si Juki, Gaje Couple and many more!

To read comics on Line Webtoon, you only need to download the Webtoon application which is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. In addition, you can also access it through the official Webtoon website.

2. CIAYO Comics

Online Comics

If the webtoon application has a Korean style, this CIAYO application provides Japanese manga-style comics. But, not only Japan, CiAYO also has many local comics that you will like.

You can read hundreds to thousands of comics made by Indonesian webtoonists who also speak Indonesian with genres ranging from romance to horror.

With so many colorful comic collections, cool visualizations, and good storylines, it will make you addicted and don’t want to stop reading. You can read free comics on this site more often and freely.

Apart from the website version, CIAYO also provides the application version of the comics. By using the application, it is easier for you to read comics.
You can read CIAYO Comics by sliding the comic down, similar to Line Webtoon. You can find many comics from home and abroad.

For those of you who secretly have the talent to become aspiring comic artists, CIAYO has a challenge to work with CIAYO comics in making comics.

Wow, what a great opportunity and not to be missed!

3. Comics

online comic site

Manga lovers Of course, you are already familiar with this free comics service. Yes, Komikid is one of the largest online comic sites in Indonesia.

You can find hundreds of the most popular comics and of course the latest. For those of you who miss old comics and want to return to nostalgia, Komikid has a collection you know.

This comic site not only provides comics from one country, you can also find the latest Japanese, Korean, and Chinese comics with a wide choice of titles.

In addition to providing comics, Komikid also facilitates popular anime titles that you can download for each new episode.

The display page when reading comics is also made in a page-by-page style so that it is easier to see and read, gang.

However, there is a slight drawback here. Because of the many pop up ads that appear, it makes the readers a little disturbed and you need to be careful when pressing the cellphone screen because it might invite viruses to come without us knowing.

4. Kissmanga

read comics online

Want to learn English but fed up with dictionaries? Well, reading comics in English can be your solution to more easily understand foreign languages.

With the Kissmanga site, you are challenged to be able to understand the plot and storyline in English. It makes you think twice, but it’s good for brain performance, because apart from reading we can also absorb new vocabulary that we never knew existed in this world.

The comics provided on this site are in English with a complete and new web collection of manga comics.

Apart from reading manga, you can also watch anime on this site. You can enjoy manga and anime on Kissmanga for free, you know. How’s that, is it fun?

5. Manga Plus

Free Online Comics

Manga Plus provides a collection of comics that are released every week, so the comics will always be the latest and updated.

The site provided by the well-known magazine publisher, Shueisha, offers a collection of comics for free to its readers.

You can read comics on Manga Plus by visiting the official website. Manga Plus is also available in the form of an application that you can download on the Google Play Store or App Store.

6. Crunchyroll

Online Comics

Crunchyroll is one of the popular sites that provides the best anime viewing. Not only that, Crunchyroll also provides comics for free through a free trial.

The comic collection is very complete, and is updated every day, so you can sleep well because the waiting time for the continuation of your favorite comic is not too long.

Crunchyroll has a large collection of popular manga, such as The Grim Reaper, Attack on Titan, and many others.

The quality provided is even better than other manga reading applications. You can also subscribe to be able to read manga and watch the best anime freely. For a paid premium subscription, you need to spend starting at US $ 7.99 or around Rp. 112 thousand for each month.

7. MangaID

online comic site

One of the many online comic sites loved by Indonesian manga fans is MangaID.

Not only complete, the web manga on this site is updated almost every day and has been translated into Indonesian.

Besides reading manga, you can also watch anime with Indonesian subtitles here by downloading it.

8. Web Comics

Online Comics

Web Comics is suitable for those of you who are honing their English skills while having a hobby of reading comics. This online comic site with international languages ​​will allow you to find various kinds of comics from all over the world.

You can find thousands of web comics online with various genres, from romance to action. However, on each page there are various sub-genres that you can choose from.

Even though it’s only available in English, the comics collection is very good and very interesting to read!

9. Manga Toon

Indonesian online comic site

Do you want to experience reading comics in a foreign language? Manga Toon is the answer. This online comic site provides webtoon comics with various genres and can be changed in language.

The comic content and collections presented by Manga Toon are also interesting and able to spoil the eyes of the readers. Not only that, Mangatoon is also easy to operate on your smartphone.

So, for those of you who are looking for a place to read comics online, this MangaToon application can be an option, you!

10. Komikfox

Online Comics

With Komikfox you can read the latest manga with quality visuals and storylines.

You no longer need to read comics in black and white, because at Komikfox there are various colorful comics that will spoil your eyes.

Reading on Komikfox will provide a pleasant reading experience for you

In addition, this site also has quite a large collection of chapters from each comic title it provides so you won’t miss the slightest story.

That’s a list of recommended online comic sites that can accompany you during the pandemic. The sites above you can read for free.

You still take care of your health. Always wear a mask, don’t forget to wash your hands, stay away from crowds, better read comics online!

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