12 Profitable Business Ideas for Students

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KD – Are you a student and want to launch a business idea? But confused what to do? Check out this student business idea.

Studying is the happiest time for most people. Students generally live independently of their parents. This position requires students to manage their lives well, including in the financial sector. The needs of students are great, and sometimes the monthly salary is not enough.

Therefore, many students take part-time jobs to supplement their pocket money.

Some companies do not offer part-time jobs to students. However, the working hours are considered less flexible. If you don’t want to spend too much time, but still want to make money, try the student business ideas below.

12 Profitable Business Ideas for Students

1. The Private

The first activity that has the potential to generate significant income is tutoring. This activity is suitable for you as a graduate student in education.

If you are a non-teaching student, you can still manage this business. The reference market is suitable for elementary, middle, and high school students.

You can earn directly from completed sessions. However, some parents also pay a monthly fee.

Private tutors can pocket money ranging from IDR 50,000 to IDR 200,000 per session.

2. Author

Another alternative profession that students can do is to become a freelance writer.

Becoming a writer can also be seen as a great online business opportunity.

This job is suitable for people who like to write thoughts and ideas.

You can do it anytime without having to go to the office. Start writing with a smart idea, a computer or laptop, and an internet connection. Where did this artist’s work come from? Find websites for freelancers. There are many who seek the services of a writer. You can find a job after applying.

3. Photographer

Do you have a camera, but it often shuts down due to low usage? You can now use it to start getting Luffy’s Chest.

If you are serious, the photography business is very promising. From time to time, we provide services such as graduation or group photos to other institutions and institutions.

If you want to make more money, find a job as a wedding photographer. Generally, the cost of the services provided is more expensive than the cost of a graduation photo.

In addition to receiving direct commissions, he also sells his photographic work on sites such as Shutterstock.

4. Tour Guide

Are there many attractions in the city where you are studying? If so, you can pay the tourists who come. Like how?

It will be a tour guide for tourists who come. This can be done on weekends or holidays. Therefore, you do not need to sacrifice time to attend classes.

Knowledge of foreign languages ​​will be advantageous. Therefore, it is possible to bring tourists from abroad. Your income will increase automatically.

5. Website Development Services Business

This fifth activity is suitable for students from disciplines such as computer science, information systems or information technology. Are you planning to create a website for your university? Use your knowledge to find rupee funds. You can provide website creation services to a friend who is writing a dissertation.

You can also become a freelancer, especially to create a website. Join a site like Fiverr to get a plan.

6. Translator

Many scientific works and literature need to be translated from foreign languages ​​into Indonesian and vice versa. Unfortunately, not everyone is quite capable of doing this.

If you know a foreign language, become a translator. Therefore, becoming a translator can be seen as a service business opportunity without sufficient capital.

You can offer the service to your relatives or through the site for the self-employed. To improve your relationship, join a group of translators you can meet on social networks like Facebook or Telegram.

In this group you can share experiences, share tips and most importantly, share work.

7. Graphic Design

Are you a graphic design or visual communication student? Then this student business idea is perfect for your major. The creative design industry is changing day by day. You can use this great opportunity to earn money.

Create working examples for various freelance websites. Some companies also open vacancies for remote graphic freelancers.

This means that you can get your work done anywhere without having to come to the office. The surrounding environment is one of the obstacles in doing graphic design work. How could this happen? Because some friends or relatives ask for free charts or “friends” prices.

8. BPOB Business

Do you want to trade without needing a lot of capital? BPOB business is the answer. Selling credit and internet packages is chosen by many students because it is easy and does not require a lot of capital.

Unfortunately, many people fail and eventually fail. The reason is bad management. The amount of debt also interferes with the company’s turnover and bankruptcy.

Doing business on credit requires good and correct management. If you want an orderly and successful business, don’t compromise like debt.

If you want to know more about this business, you can refer to our article on tips on starting a mobile business.

9. Selling Snacks

Snacks or snacks are often used as friends with students when they are doing homework or just relaxing.

You can do business by selling snacks to other students. You can sell on a pre-order basis to reduce potential losses.

Look for suppliers on campus or in online stores. Find the snacks students like the most and buy them in bulk. Then repackage and add branding.

You can also find hawker business ideas that make and sell the snacks you want to sell. If you use WhatsApp to make it easier to sell snacks online, you can use the BukuWarung WhatsApp link.

The function of the number is to turn your number into a link so that later customers can click on the link without having to enter their WhatsApp number.

10. Online Shop

Online shop businesses can be transacted without minimal capital. The trick is to become a dropshipper. No need to buy goods, just act as an intermediary.

Find an online store that sells items at low prices. Resell items in your shop by raising prices slightly. You can use market platforms that are very popular in Indonesia such as Tokopedia, Shopee, Bukalpak and Lazada.

The target audience of this online store is not only academics but also the general public. To make selling easier, choose a product that many people are looking for.

11. Animal Care

Do you like dogs or cats? Offers pet care services as mentioned above.

You can start this business by offering services on social networks. If you have many clients, you can invite your co-workers to run a business together.

This pet grooming business still has a good business opportunity because many people are busy and don’t have time to take care of their pets.

12. Selling used goods

The products used are often considered as unnecessary waste. These items are still worth selling, but not as high as the new ones. The business of buying and selling used goods offers great opportunities if you find the right fabricator. Usually these collectors buy used goods and recycle them.

Offer your used goods sales service to your friends. Therefore, you in this profession are the link between the previous owner and the collector.

Which of the 12 informative business ideas above is right for you? There is no problem starting a business when you are a student. Starting a small business can train your entrepreneurial spirit, and it will benefit you in the future.

But keep in mind that even small businesses need to be good at financial management. You can use a financial management app for this.

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