2 Ways to Download Samehadaku Subtitle Indonesia 2022

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Watching anime is one of the fun activities. We can watch anime offline by downloading the anime first on samehadaku.

Samehadaku.tv or commonly referred to as samehadaku or samehada is a site that provides anime downloads with Indonesian subtitles.

This site is very well known among anime fans, so it is a favorite of many anime lovers. Samehada also always provides the latest anime series.

Samehadaku initially only contained content about Naruto Shippuden.

So it’s not surprising that Samehadaku was inspired by the word Samehada. Samehada is one of the strongest weapons in the Naruto manga and anime.

Samehada himself has the form of a sword. Which one of the 7 swordsmen of Kirigakure is owned by Kisame Hoshigaki. Who is also a member of Akatsuki.

Along with its journey, Samehadaku has now provided anime of various titles.

In addition, the existing anime also has good quality and is equipped with Indonesian subtitles.

As one of the best anime download sites. Samehada is also equipped with several excellent features, such as:

1. List of Anime that is always updated every season

The new anime that will appear here is based on the poll of visitors to the Samehadaku site itself.

So we can also request what anime will appear in the middle of the season and the next season.

2. Search Feature

In addition to the search feature by name, we can also search for anime by release date.

In addition, we can also search by genre. So it is very easy for visitors to find the anime they want.

3. Anime Quality

A wide range of quality is available from 360p to 1080p. In addition, the video is also divided into various formats such as MKV and MP4.

4. Kolom Komentar

There is also a comment column that is always active. Hadi we can discuss with fellow visitors Samehadaku.

How to Download Samehadaku Anime on HP

The first way that will make sense is to download anime on the samehadaku using a cellphone.

Not only for Android phones, this method can also be applied to those of us who use iOS.

How to download anime via cellphone:

  1. Run the web browser application on our cellphone.
  2. After that, visit the samehadaku.tv site.
  3. Here we can see the latest anime.samehadaku android
  4. Find and select the anime that we want to save offline to our cellphone gallery.
  5. After the anime page opens. Scroll down until we find various quality options and download servers.
  6. We can choose various formats such as MKV, MP4, X265, and others. In addition, there are also video quality options ranging from 360p, 480p, 720, and 1080p. We can also choose the download server that we will use. The available download servers are UpFile, ClicknUpload, Google Drive, Zippyshare, and others.How to Download Samehadaku Anime on HP
  7. After that a new tab will appear where we will be directed to safelink tetew.info.
  8. We will find a lot of writing here. Scroll down and click on the weird writing above the ad.tetew
  9. It doesn’t stop there, we will also be directed to another safelink. Do the same way with the previous method, namely scroll down and then tap on the weird writing above the ad.
  10. After that, we will be taken to the download server page that we selected earlier.
  11. Find and press the download button on the server.download anime samehada
  12. Wait until the download process is complete. When it’s finished we can see our HP gallery.

How to Download Samehadaku Anime on PC

If we feel unsatisfied watching anime using HP. We can download and watch anime using a laptop.

Cara download anime boruto 2019 di Samehadaku:

  1. Run the browser application on our laptop.
  2. Next select the anime that we will download.
  3. After that scroll down until we find various download options.
  4. There we can choose the video format, video quality, and download server.How to Download Samehadaku Anime via Laptop
  5. If so, then we will be directed to the first safelink. Scroll down until you find a clickable text just above the ad. Click on the text.tetewinfo
  6. After that we will be taken to the second safelink. The way through it is also the same, scroll down and click on the writing above the ad.
  7. Then we will be taken to the download server link that we chose earlier.
  8. Click download on the server.download gdrive
  9. Wait until the download process is complete.

By downloading anime at samehadaku using the method above. Now we can watch anime anywhere and anytime.

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