3 Ways to Enter Indosat Voucher via SMS 2022
3 Ways to Enter Indosat Voucher via SMS 2022

3 Ways to Enter Indosat Voucher via SMS 2022

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It is very important to know how to enter an Indosat Ooredoo voucher. The reason is, if you cannot enter the Indosat voucher code, then you will not be able to use the internet quota in the voucher.

So that you can use the internet quota in the Indosat Ooredoo voucher. So, you should know in advance how to enter the Indosat voucher so that the internet quota can be active and used.

For that, on this occasion I will share how to enter the internet voucher code that you have purchased. The method is not too difficult for you to do, because you only use the phone application or myim3.

Because it is not uncommon for IM3 card users to buy vouchers, but cannot activate them. This of course can harm you, because you only waste money to buy the voucher without knowing how to use it.

The thing you need to know, if you buy an Indosat voucher and have rubbed it. But you can’t use it, so you can save the voucher first and don’t let anyone tell you.

How to Enter Indosat Voucher

As we know, internet quota on Indosat Ooredoo cards cannot only be purchased through vouchers. However, you can also get it just by buying credit and converting it into internet quota or call and sms packages.

In general, there are three ways to enter Indosat vouchers that you can do easily and quickly. For more details, then you can immediately follow the steps that I have shared below.

Via the MyIm3 App

how to enter Indosat voucher via sms

The first step how to enter an Indosat voucher that you can do is through the myim3 application. You can get the application easily through the Play Store and Appstore applications for smartphone and iPhone users.

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Download the myim3 application first, so you can follow the steps below. If you already have the application on your mobile device, then you can immediately follow the steps.

Here are the steps for entering Indosat vouchers through the myim3 application:

  1. Install myim3 aplikasi app first
  2. On app Play Store for smartphone users and AppStore for iphone users
  3. Then wait until download process the application is complete
  4. When it’s finished, it will will automatically install on your device
  5. If it is already installed, then you can membuka aplikasi the
  6. Later you will be asked to do login
  7. Enter im3 mobile number you have
  8. Later you will sent verification code via sms message
  9. Then enter verification code in the column provided
  10. When already, then you will go into app homepage the
  11. Then you can click plus icon or recharge
  12. Next you can choose scan to scan voucher code
  13. Before you scan code that, first you enter number which will be filled
  14. Make sure the number you enter really number im3 which will be filled
  15. Rub voucher im3 that you have bought until you see the code
  16. Then use the scan menu to scan voucher code the
  17. Point the camera properly until see voucher code nya
  18. After entry voucher codethen you can click the button continue
  19. Maka the internet what is in the voucher will be active
  20. Done

In the myim3 application, you can not only enter the voucher code that you have. However, you can also buy internet quota, call packages, sms, and so on. The price is not too expensive either.

However, to buy internet quota, call or SMS packages, you must already have sufficient credit. Because to buy these packages required a fee in the form of pulses as a tool to buy it.

Via Phone App

how to enter Indosat Ooredoo voucher

The final step how to enter an Indosat voucher that you can do is through the telephone application. The phone application is also installed by default on the mobile device that you have since the first use of the device.

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For that, you will not need any third-party application to enter your im3 voucher code. The steps are not as difficult as you might think, because you only need to open the phone application.

The following are the steps for entering Indosat vouchers via the telephone application:

  1. First open phone app you first
  2. On mobile devicel that you use
  3. Once open, then type *556*voucher code#
  4. Fill it in voucher code that’s right
  5. If you have, then you can click the button call or call
  6. Wait until process it’s finished
  7. After that, later you will get message notification
  8. The notification contains package internalt you are active
  9. Done

If you enter the Indosat voucher code that you have via the telephone application. Then you will be able to immediately activate the internet quota quickly. The reason is, you will not be asked to install any application.

Basically, every time you buy an internet voucher at the counter, you will be guided to activate the internet quota. The guide will usually be listed on the back of the Indosat voucher.

Via Scan Code

how to enter Indosat voucher in myim3 application

How to enter an Indosat voucher in the last application, what you can do is to scan the Indosat Ooredoo voucher code. The rarity is quite easy, because you only need to point the camera at the barcode on the voucher.

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For more details, you can directly follow the steps below:

  1. First of all, please open myim3 aplikasi app
  2. On mobile device used
  3. After logging in to main page application
  4. Then select menu refillable
  5. Then enter Indosat Ooredoo number you
  6. Next click scan button
  7. Which is in the section voucher code box
  8. Do Scan the barcode on the Indosat voucher you
  9. Wait until scan process is complete
  10. When it is, then you will get message notification
  11. After that, automatically your internet quota is active
  12. Done

How to enter the Indosat voucher above can certainly make it easier for you to enter your Indosat Ooredoo voucher code. The reason is, you only need to scan the voucher code through the camera. That way, you don’t have to bother entering the im3 voucher code anymore.


So, that was the discussion about how to enter Indosat vouchers, how easy is it, isn’t it? That way users don’t need to be confused anymore when they want to enter Indosat vouchers via SMS easily through the steps above.

Thus the discussion this time, hopefully it can be very useful for all of you and don’t forget to share it on your respective social media, so that other Indosat Ooredoo provider users can find out about this very easily. Thank you

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