3 Ways to View IG in Privacy 2022 without having to follow
3 Ways to View IG in Privacy 2022 without having to follow

3 Ways to View IG in Privacy 2022 without having to follow

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How to View IG on Privacy 2022 – As an Instagram user, you must have felt curious about other people’s accounts. Especially if the IG account is owned by the doi or potential crush that you love so much.

Certainly curious to see the account profile and also the entire feed he posted. It’s very easy when you want to see someone’s IG account. You just need to search for Instagram username and the profile will automatically appear.

But seeing Instagram accounts like this only applies to those that are public. If you find your IG account locked or in cool terms private, then you have to follow it first and wait for the owner to accept the request.

This method is indeed fairly easy to follow a private IG account, but sometimes it makes you feel embarrassed or awkward. Therefore, we need a special way that can view private IG accounts secretly and unknown to the account owner.

But before that, we will show you how to see Instagram highlights before going into the discussion on how to view Instagram in privacy 2022.

Now on this occasion, we will provide a special way to view private IG account profiles without having to follow them first. Instead of getting curious, let’s see more information on seeing a locked IG account without following the following.

How to see IG in Privacy 2022 without following

Looking at other people’s IG account profiles, of course you need special tips if you don’t want to be caught by the account owner. Especially if it turns out that the account is locked, then usually the easiest step is to follow it first.

This is the most common way, but the account owner knows who wants to see his profile. Therefore, you must apply how to see IG in privacy 2022 in particular and certainly quite tricky.

In this special way, you will not be detected by the account owner when viewing his Instagram profile. Now without the need to linger, here’s an easy way to be able to view private IG.

Borrowing someone else’s cell phone

The first, easiest and most secure way when you want to see a private IG account is to borrow someone else’s cell phone. You can try to borrow a friend’s cellphone who has already followed the target of the account you want to see.

Maybe it could be a close friend, best friend, or maybe a sibling of the account owner. But before borrowing a cell phone, make sure that it won’t divulge your plans to view or be confused with the profile of the target account.

Besides being safe and invisible to the account owner, borrowing your phone from someone else will also save you more on your internet data usage. But if you can, already borrowed a cellphone, you should give a hotspot to your friend so that mutualism symbiosis occurs.

Using Second Account

Instagram as one of the popular social media applications, allows users to have more than one account on the same device. Therefore, you can also try to create a new account or a second account for certain purposes.

In addition to monitoring Instagram activity with the closest circle, you can also use a second account for stalking other people’s accounts. This kind of account is indeed quite effective when you feel prestige or awkward following someone’s IG.

But before following the target you will stalk, make sure first that the username does not have an element of your identity. The point is that you can create a unique username and as much as possible the target does not realize that it is your second account.

Now by using a second Instagram account, later you are free to follow a private account without worrying about being caught by the owner. Of course, the Instagram stalking process will feel calmer and you can view the entire content of the target’s account profile as much as you like.

Make use of the Instalooker.com Site

The next way that you can try to view a private IG account is to use the help of the Instalooker.com site. This one site is made by a third party and does function as a locked account opener without the need to follow.

In addition to viewing other people’s locked Instagram account profiles, you can also take advantage of the photo download feature on Instalooker.com. Later if the photo from the account owner turns out to be interesting and you want to save it, then just download it through the available features.

You don’t need to worry, because this site is free where users are not charged a penny when accessing it. Of course, you only need to set up an internet connection and the target username whose IG is locked.

Make sure to enter the target’s IG account username, don’t make the slightest mistake. If the target IG account username is written correctly, it will appear and the contents of the profile and feed can be seen clearly.

The final word

So, those were some how to see IG in privacy 2022 easily without the need to follow first. Surely the above method will be very helpful for those of you who really want or are curious about someone’s private account.

But if we may give advice, it is better to use the original account and follow the owner of the private account. This will make you look cool because you dare to show your true identity, without having to play behind the scenes.

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