5 Tips for How to keep your kids engaged this summer? – Trotons Tech Magazine
5 Tips for How to keep your kids engaged this summer? – Trotons Tech Magazine

5 Tips for How to keep your kids engaged this summer? – Trotons Tech Magazine

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Summer vacations on the corner mean plenty of free time for kids. Though it is easy to find a perfect spot on the favorite couch to watch TV all day throughout the month, roaring heat waves make stepping out of the home troublesome. But, several kids-specific games, activities, and others are meant to make the summer vacations more meaningful.

It is the right time to introduce them to several hobbies and interests that will surely stay with them down the lane. They could even plan to continue those interests and hobbies in the future. However, it becomes daunting for parents to choose specific activities to keep their kids engaged.

In persuasion, here we have curated the best of hobbies, ideas, and interests that are all you need to make a kid’s summertime more meaningful and engaging.

5 tips to keep your kids engaged this summer

Planning time away with your kids

Whether you decide to stay home, go on a staycation, or travel abroad, spend quality time with your kids. There are several fun activities you could do together as a family, including:

  • Share your experiences as a child
  • engage in family activities like arts and crafts
  • engage in physical activities
  • Walking and running together
  • Tug-of-war

These serve a dual purpose for you. First, it strengthens your family bonds and boosts the creative abilities of your kid. So, whether you indulge in any physical or creative activities with your kids, these make summer more fun and enjoyable.

Organizing playdates for kids

This summertime is a great way to enhance social and teamwork skills in your kids. For conducting play dates, you can invite their friends from school or summer camps. Also, get different sets of sports equipment, trampolines, or others. If you don’t have a trampoline, you can consider buying a trampoline online.

However, you need to ensure to get high-quality trampolines in varying sizes and shapes as per the age group of the kids.

This way, the kids learn to share, take turns, interact with other children, and develop emotional and social skills.

Pick a new hobby or learn a new skill with a kid.

The next great tip is to engage in learning some skills together. Then, you can take advantage of this opportunity to become better at the hobbies or activities you wholeheartedly enjoy doing. This could be anything, including:

  • making dream catchers out of yarn
  • rollerblading
  • dancing
  • swimming
  • coloring
  • drawing
  • arts and crafts

As a parent, you should consider incorporating such hobbies or activities that enhance creativity and motor skills and trigger curiosity in your child. Additionally, you can make good use of a curated set for learning new skills and hobbies.

However, the most important thing to remember is to get together with the kid and enjoy every bit of the process.

Encouraging kids to read

Summer vacations are when the kids aren’t preoccupied with school homework and other school activities. So, this is the right time to instill in them the love for reading. You can choose to read them the stories or let them do it themselves. In any way, reading or listening to fictional stories can make their imaginative skills develop.

In addition, the kids are introduced to naive ideas and concepts, and they get to visualize the characters and the situations depicted in the fictional books. All these are great ways to let their creative juices flow.

Encourage the kid to create a journal or a summer scrapbook.

Several activities to indulge in this summer do not require any gadgets. Children are always using gadgets in school or at home. So, utilize this period to engage them in a gadget-free activity. One such activity is to engage with your kids in creating journals or summer scrapbooks.

You and the kid can create a scrapbook that includes pictures, memorabilia, souvenirs, or others from their summer vacation.

In addition, you can encourage the kids to start creating a journal or keep working on the one they already have. Journaling is a great way to boost mental skills among kids. The children learn to get creative ideas, self-reflect on themselves, and cater to ways to overcome their fears and problems.


You can choose single or multiple activities from the list mentioned above. However, you must ensure that the kids are included in the decision-making process throughout the summers. This way, their self-confidence increases, and they are likely to feel engaged in the activities

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