6 Ways to Repair Broken and Totally Dead LED Home Lights
6 Ways to Repair Broken and Totally Dead LED Home Lights

6 Ways to Repair Broken and Totally Dead LED Home Lights

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tutorialonline.my.id – 6 Ways to Repair a Damaged and Totally Dead LED Home Light.

A myriad of people have started to switch to LED lighting at home. Not without reason, LED lights do have many advantages over ordinary light bulbs. This lamp has a long service life, is more economical in electricity, and is more environmentally friendly. When used for 4 hours a day, a good quality LED lamp can last up to 20 years.

However, it is not significant that all home LED lights cannot turn off. There is more than one thing that will cause an LED light to fail in more than a month.

For example, like a very narrow room, the electrical energy that flows through the lamp is very large, or because you often turn off and turn on the lights.

If the LED lights in the living room are badly damaged, do not rush to throw them away.
Not only because LED lights are quite expensive, it turns out that there is a clever trick to make a completely dead light turn on again.

By using this trick, you don’t have to shell out again, or even be able to repair lamps that have been stored because they are damaged.

How to?

1. How to fix a totally dead LED light without any symptoms

6 Ways to Repair Broken and Totally Dead LED Home Lights

1. Open the LED light casing together by rotating it2. Prepare a multitester avometer, soldering elements and tweezers

3. Test one by one the micro LEDs together with the avometer multitester. If there is a micro LED that does not light up, it means that the micro LED is broken. If it’s not true that one micro LED is broken, then everything will not work

4. Mark the micro LED that is not lit 5. If the Avometer multitester is not available, you can see the black scorched spots on the micro Led6. If there is a black spot, it means the micro LED is broken. 7. LED outer part date

8. Place the LED component on the soldering element, along with the marked (or scorched) micro LED position directly above it

9. Remove the broken micro LED using tweezers10. After the micro LED is removed, unite the positive and negative positions using a soldering iron. This serves as a pathway to turn on other micro LEDs11. Put the outer component again into the lamp body12. The LED light will turn on again. How to service a dead LED lamp, the overall implication of elco (electrolyte capacitor) is not good
Have you run the steps above, but the light still won’t turn on? Can be fault available against elco or electrolytic capacitor bulging. Carry out this step if that is the trigger.

1.Open the outside and check the inside for the light
2. Test the damage of the elco by using an avometer multitester
3. Connect the positive negative pole of the avometer to the positive negative pole of the elco
4. If the avometer does not show the kiloohm number, it means that the Elco must be replaced
5. If the elco doesn’t work well, replace it with a new elco of the same size and value
6. re-install the Elco according to the position of the poles
7. The LED lights of the residence will light up again!

3. How to fix a broken LED light jeglek when turned on

Often times when we want to turn on the lights, the electricity in the house actually goes down.

If that happens because of Led lights, the way to fix it is along with replacing the bridge diode.

Diode bridge is a component to direct alternating current into direct current.

4. The light is dim because the LED light battery is exhausted

Not only completely dead, the LED lights also often suddenly dim.

When this happens, the cause of the dim LED lights off is because the battery is drained.
What must be checked is the battery part.

Dry batteries with a voltage of 6-12 volts DC are usually used as Led light batteries.

Perform the following steps if the battery runs out of lights:

– Measure the battery voltage after charging the battery
– If the voltage is not stable when the lamp is turned on, it means that the battery energy has run out
– Replace the battery with a new one if this happens.

5. Only one part of the LED light is off

When the LED lights are completely off, it can turn out that only one light is off.

To repair a broken lamp like this, do the following:

– Use a screwdriver to pry out a dead LED
– Connect two dead LED legs charging cable
– The LED lights will turn on as before

6. Fix the dim LED light

One of the biggest causes of dim LED lights is a faulty diode bridge, or damage to the resistor.

If the cause is because the bridge diode is damaged, then you will inevitably have to replace the LED lights.

But if the cause is available against the resistor, you are able to fix it at home.

Here’s how:

– Disassemble the LED light
– Measure the resistor voltage
– Give flux to the point of the resistor that drops the voltage
– Solder to the point of the capacitor, and remove the capacitor.
– Replace the capacitor using a new capacitor
– Reinstall the Led light.

Thus 6 ways to repair Led lights, both damaged and completely dead.

Good luck and good luck!

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