8 Ways to Reduce RAM Usage on the Most Effective Laptop

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For users of laptops and Windows computers with low specifications, keeping RAM in order is a must. This is so that when in use it does not crash or hang. It’s just that not everyone knows how to reduce RAM usage on a laptop.

It’s okay maybe new users are still confused. There are various reasons why RAM can be full quickly. First because the capacity is indeed small, then install applications or use programs that take up a lot of RAM such as games, video editing applications, malware, and so on.

How to Reduce RAM Usage on a Laptop

For those of you who have a laptop device but the space on the RAM is full, don’t worry. Because most of the causes come from the system and it’s easy to fix. So, below, I have given several methods that you can use to reduce RAM usage on a laptop, including:

1. Do a Virus Scan


Maybe many are asking what the virus has to do with RAM? Of course this is still related. So here’s the explanation, a virus is a program that runs without you knowing. And this will definitely take up a lot of RAM resources.

For the amount of memory in use itself is relatively small. It will still be if the virus is in large quantities. It’s the same as the RAM space that was free will also eat up a lot, as a result it’s full.

Then the question is, how to solve it? It’s easy, you can try using an antivirus by updating the latest version. Then do a thorough scan, especially on the system. Moreover, please restart the laptop.

2. Re-install


Re-installing Windows is the method I recommend, especially for laptops that are rarely used.

What’s the function for? It’s easy, re-installing will make the laptop system optimized again as a whole. So that the use of RAM will also be much lighter. For how, you can see tutorials on Youtube or Google, there are already a lot available. Both for Windows 7,8 and 10.

3. Disable Windows Startup Applications and Services

For some applications that have been installed there are those that are immediately active when the device is turned on. Then it runs even if you don’t open it. Now this is called the Startup application. The same is true for system programs in Windows, which are always active even if they are not visible.

So it’s good for this service or application to be optimized. The reason is quite effective, it can even make RAM a relief by 36%. For how easy it is.

  • You just need to press Windows key + R at the same time.
  • Then type MSCONFIG. Then click OK and go to the Startup Tab.
  • Please select applications that do not need to be disabled.


  1. If on Windows 10 check in Task Manager.
  1. Still on the MSCONFIG page. Please enter the Startup Tab.
  1. Then tick Hide All Microsoft Services.


  • After that check the Service that is not necessary.
  • When everything is done, please restart the laptop and feel the difference.

4. Delete Unnecessary Apps


Still related to the previous one. It’s just that the application here is more general. For example browsers, games and so on. So the question is, why should it be removed?

The reason is because there are several programs that consume a lot of RAM when opened. For normal use, it may not be a problem. But when you want to optimize it, it’s better to delete it.

As for how to remove it is through the Control panel, enter Uninstall Program. Then find the application that you want to delete. But if one day you need it again, you can reinstall it.

5. Reduce Visual Effects on Windows

For Windows with vista versions and above, there is an embedded feature, namely Visual Effects. So the function of this feature is to beautify the appearance of Windows. Although it is good in terms of appearance, it is also proportional to the RAM resources consumed.

So, don’t be surprised if this feature takes up a lot of space so it quickly fills up RAM. Especially when this feature is activated on a laptop that has a small RAM size. But don’t worry, you can disable this feature. Or at least in the optimization which should be turned off and which should not.

  • The way is to go to This PC / Computer.
  • Then look for Advanced System Settings on the left menu.


  • Then click Settings in the Performance column.
  • After that set it by removing the check mark on the Visual Effects that are not needed.


6. Use a RAM Cleaner Program


Maybe many are not familiar with what RAM Cleaner is. So in short it is a type of program that can be useful for automatic RAM optimization. Now for how it works is by disabling applications that are idle or silent. Then reactivate it if needed.

Indeed, at first glance the working method is very simple, but it will be very helpful. Especially for those of you who are still new and fully understand how to turn off unneeded applications.

RAM Cleaner itself there are various types. You can search for the best applications on Google with the keyword Computer RAM Cleaner Application

7. Upgrade RAM Laptop


The next way that you can use to reduce RAM usage on a Windows 10 laptop is to increase the RAM capacity of your laptop. From what was previously only 4 GB, it was upgraded to 8 GB.

For how to upgrade, I think it’s too long to explain here. But basically you have to look for RAM of the same type as the RAM on your laptop device.

If not, you can directly come to a computer store or service center. Later there will be given a choice of RAM of the same type as your laptop’s RAM. The cost of upgrading the RAM itself varies, depending on the capacity. From 200-300 for 2 GB, 400-550 for 4 GB and so on.

8. Add Virtual Memory

If you see a notification in the form of an error if the system runs out of virtual memory, then the step that must be taken is to increase its capacity so that its performance remains stable.

To open it is very easy, here are the steps:

  • First open the Control Panel on the Start Menu.
  • Then switch the Category view on the top right to Small Icons if needed.
  • After that click System. Then select Advanced system settings on the left.
  • Later a new page will open. Please you tab Advanced.
  • Then click Settings under the Performance button.


  • Please switch back to the Advanced tab and click the Change button.

Now you can see the size of the paging file for the main driver. Actually you can let Windows automatically manage and handle virtual memory. But to speed up solving the problem. You may need to set the max start and end sizes to higher values.

How, isn’t it very easy to reduce RAM usage on a Windows 10 laptop? Of course, with the above method, I hope that your laptop’s RAM is often full, it can be relieved and normal again.

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