9+ Girls Favorite Frozen Pregnant and Childbirth Games
9+ Girls Favorite Frozen Pregnant and Childbirth Games

9+ Girls Favorite Frozen Pregnant and Childbirth Games

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The characters of Princess Elsa and Princess Anna in the Frozen movie are indeed very attractive to their fans, especially from among children. So far, the figures of the two Frozen princesses are said to be unmarried. However, this is different from the frozen game of pregnancy and childbirth.

The game instead features Princess Elsa and Princess Anna who are pregnant. Of course, the game is curious for anyone who wants to know featuring the two Frozen princesses while they are pregnant.

Moreover, the gameplay presented is also quite unique, but still easy to play by children. To answer your curiosity, here’s an example of the Frozen game when you are pregnant and giving birth.

10 Frozen Pregnancy and Childbirth Games List

1. Frozen Elsa Maternity Design

pregnant and giving birth frozen game group

Elsa’s daughter in this game is said to be married, and in a state of being pregnant. Even though she is pregnant, Princess Elsa’s face is still beautiful and has not changed at all.

In girls games In this case, you are in charge of choosing clothes for Elsa. Because, the clothes before are not fit to wear. You will not be alone, because Princess Anna is ready to accompany you to make the best clothes for Princess Elsa.

The clothes will certainly enhance the appearance of Princess Elsa who is pregnant. Follow every clue in this game, so you can feel the excitement and fun things of this game.

2. Ice Queen: The Birth of Twins

pregnant and giving birth frozen game group

This game is very suitable as an educational tool for girls, about how to properly care for babies, but is displayed in an exciting and fun game.

In this game, you will help Princess Elsa to give birth to her twins. Make sure Elsa is calm and comfortable until the ambulance arrives.

In addition, you also have to help Princess Elsa prepare various necessities and equipment to bring when giving birth at the hospital. When the twins are born, you are also in charge of caring for the twins.

3. Princess Elsa Twins Care

recommendations for the best frozen pregnancy and childbirth games

The game play on this one is indeed almost similar to the previous game that has been described. But what makes the difference, this game invites you to take care of Elsa’s twins in more detail.

After Princess Elsa gives birth to her twins, she needs help taking care of her twins, which is not easy on her own.

Your task is to help Princess Elsa feed the babies, kiss the babies when they cry, and tell them fairy tales before the twins sleep. You also have the opportunity to play with Princess Elsa’s twin babies.

4. Elsa Pregnant Check Up

pregnant and giving birth frozen game group

This game not only provides entertainment for children, but also provides insight into the medical world.

Princess Elsa from Frozen is pregnant and plans to visit the obstetrician, to check on the health and condition of her baby as shown game barbie hamil.

In the doctor’s examination process, players in this game can find out several types of medical equipment such as stethoscopes, syringes, thermometers, and others.

The purpose of the examination is to use these medical equipment, so that the baby remains healthy while in the womb. In fact, a photo of the baby in the womb will also be displayed via ultrasound.

5. Pregnant Elsa Ambulance

recommendations for the best frozen pregnancy and childbirth games

For Frozen movie lovers, it is recommended to play this game because it is guaranteed to be fun and provide a different experience.

Moreover, it is told in this game, Princess Elsa is pregnant with her baby, but she has to be taken to the hospital, because she is in pain due to an injury.

Game players serve as doctors who heal wounds and check on the health of Princess Elsa’s baby.

No need to worry, because every step of the treatment for the princess will be given directions that should be followed properly.

6. Ice Princess Mommy & Baby Care

pregnant and giving birth frozen game group

This game will invite you to help Princess Elsa who is pregnant and take care of her newborn baby.

Before Princess Elsa gives birth, you have to provide healthy food, juices to pregnant women and accompany the princess when checking herself and her baby to the gynecologist.

After Princess Elsa gave birth to her baby, immediately take care of the baby by bathing him, giving the best clothes and providing a comfortable nursery.

In addition, also provide care for Princess Elsa and choose the best dress for her, so that she looks beautiful after giving birth.

This game also provides mini games that are also found in talking cat app.

However, this game will take you on an adventure to take care of a baby, even if you’ve never done that before.

7. Pregnant Elsa Baby Room Decor (Pregnant Elsa Baby Room Decor)

recommendations for the best frozen pregnancy and childbirth games

Princess Elsa is currently pregnant, and will soon become a mother.

She wants to take care of the room that will be used as her baby’s room, but being pregnant makes her unable to do the work of decorating the room alone.

Your task in this game is to help Princess Elsa decorate her baby’s room, from choosing and placing a bed, a desk to a storage drawer.

Also change the curtains and wallpaper of the bedroom walls to give a comfortable feel for the baby princess later.

8. Pregnant Ice Queen Bath Care

recommendations for the best frozen pregnancy and childbirth games

Every woman must always try to take care of herself as best as possible, including when she is pregnant. This is what Princess Elsa did when she was pregnant with her first child.

Princess Elsa keeps doing SPA and to a beauty salon, even though she is pregnant. In fact, he is also still doing body care while bathing.

However, because of her growing belly, Princess Elsa started having trouble bathing herself in the bathtub.

You have to help Princess Elsa in this game by putting on a mask, shampoo and fragrant bath soap. Give her a comfortable massage and choose comfortable clothes for the pregnant princess.

9. Princess Pregnant Sisters

recommendations for the best frozen pregnancy and childbirth games

In this game, you will take on the role of a nurse who will examine and assist the delivery of a pregnant Princess Elsa.

Princess Elsa who was already preparing to be examined, was in a sitting position on the medical chair. Take Princess Elsa’s body temperature and do an ultrasound on her stomach to find out the condition of the baby.

When the time for the birth of Princess Elsa’s baby arrives, give her help and assistance in childbirth.

Immediately cut the umbilical cord of the newborn baby, and clean the skin using a towel. Provide comfortable clothes for the baby and give the baby to the mother for breastfeeding.

Then, the baby will be brought home by Princess Elsa from the hospital.

10. Palace Princesses Pregnant BFFS (Palace Princesses Pregnant BFFS)

pregnant and giving birth frozen game group

Princess Elsa and Princess Anna are both pregnant and they are getting together to enjoy their time together. Your job is to take care of the two pregnant princesses to keep them comfortable.

The first task you have to work on is to prepare pills for both. Then prepare healthy foods and juices so that they are always healthy.

Help them travel, so they can enjoy the fresh air and prepare a comfortable bed for them.

The Frozen pregnancy and childbirth game offers a unique and memorable experience for your child. Moreover, it contains educational value about the medical world, how to care for babies and about the life of pregnant women.

Of course, playing games not only provides fun for children, but also new insights that can be a provision for their future in the future. Happy playing frozen games pregnant and giving birth.

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