9 Ways to Pay BPJS Bills at the Latest Alfamart 2022

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How to Pay BPJS Bills at Alfamart

How to Pay BPJS Bills at Alfamart? – “Health is Expensive”, this sentence is often heard in our ears, when we feel what it is called pain. Be it the lower, middle or upper castes. The word sick seems to have become a burden on its own, how can you not? Try to imagine, friends, how sick people feel, how much energy is drained, psychological and emotional stability that will depend on it, and most importantly, don’t forget the costs that must be incurred or needed to treat it.

Health is a patent thing that cannot be separated from the human part. Because health is really very important. The term Health usually refers to a healthy body condition, meaning free from disease. So, if interpreted from the basic word. Health is a condition or condition that describes the body free from all diseases. So, the greatest pleasure is having a healthy self.

What is BPJS?

Have you ever heard the word BPJS? BPJS or the abbreviation of (Social Security Administering Body) itself or an insurance company or agency. BPJS Health is a Public Legal Entity that has full and direct responsibility to the president to provide health insurance for the people of Indonesia. The main ones are: PNS, TNI/POLRI, Veterans, and Pioneers of Indonesian Independence, or Ordinary People.

So every Indonesian citizen or foreigner who has started working in Indonesia with a minimum of 6 months of work must be part of the BPJS member. This is in accordance with the laws and regulations in Article 14 of the BPJS Law. The purpose of establishing this program is to ensure that every citizen in the population has equitable access to health services with affordable, fair and equitable financing.

With the existence of this BPJS institution, it guarantees all people to be able to benefit from maintaining health. This is a key role referring to a healthy mind, body, and body. It’s no wonder that many people feel helped because of this BPJS Health program. Many souls were finally helped by the emergence of this BPJS. Simply put, BPJS provides many benefits.

Since it was first introduced, BPJS has given a big role to the community, both the upper, middle, and lower classes according to the class they take. The sub-class is divided according to the participation and obedience of the population in paying BPJS contributions. BPJS is also divided into 2 categories: namely BPJS within the company or BPJS Individual. BPJS contributions are mandatory for participants or members to routinely make payments that can be made with 2 methods: online and offline

The thing that distinguishes the two is in the fees and nominal for the class chosen by friends. Therefore, friends must be able to routinely make BPJS payments. Maybe before digital technology attacked, friends made payments through posts or lockers available in your local area. Now there are many instant and more practical ways for friends to make payments. Payment of this BPJS bill can be done at Alfamart, one of the stores or outlets that is super-existent in retail stores (operating in the field of basic needs / in other words, food consumption, daily drinks.)

Actually BPJS has provided several facilities to make it easier for people to pay BPJS contributions. Then how to make payments through Alfamart outlets or stores, as we can observe in every corner of Indonesia already has many Alfamart stores.

How to Pay BPJS Bills through Alfamart

Here we have summarized a tutorial on how to pay bills through Alfamart which is very easy, practical, time efficient, and super fast. Let’s look at some explanations below:

  1. The first thing you have to do, of course, is to go to the nearest Aldamart outlet or store in your area.
  2. Never forget your goal to bring your BPJS card number or your virtual number.
  3. After that, friends just queue up in the queue until you get your turn at the front cashier desk.
  4. Furthermore, if you are already at the cashier’s desk, give the purpose of your needs to the Alfamart cashier staff if you want to pay the BPJS Health premium bill.
  5. Next, the Alfamart cashier will ask about the virtual card number listed on your BPJS and tell the nominal price you want to pay.
  6. Then state your number slowly to the Alfamart cashier staff, then the Alfamart cashier staff will start inputting the number code you mentioned into the computer at the cashier’s desk.
  7. After the payment is completed. You will be asked for an admin payment of around 2,500 rupiah.
  8. Then pay according to the total that the cashier staff has mentioned
  9. Then you can take a paper receipt of proof of payment for the BPJS Health card as proof that you have finished making BPJS bill contributions.

Well, the following method above can be practiced by friends where your condition is not holding cash or not using banking services, maybe one solution is to make payments at Alfamart.

Actually, there are many things to pay bills other than through Alfamart. You can make payments through banks, e-wallet, or e-commerce. Then what services can charge BPJS premiums:

Pay through the marketplace Tokopedia, Bukalapak, and Shopee, regarding any form of e-commerce platform, it is certain that the following marketplaces support payments at Alfamart

Pay via e-wallet such as: funds or ovo

Pay through any type of bank either online (m-banking) or offline.

BPJS is an important program that you should follow in order to benefit your personal interests in the future. Almost all types of diseases can be covered by BPJS. The fees offered are according to the class you take so make sure it fits your budget.

Becoming a BPJS participant is very easy to go through the process. Almost all systems for making BPJS payments can be done by friends. To become a participant, you don’t need to go through the medical check-up stage, if in general insurance requires this stage to know the health condition of the prospective customer. But in the BPJS program, you don’t need to do a medical check-up.

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So in essence, if you already have a BPJS card and are still a BPJS participant, suddenly you get sick, you will get help for health care costs from contributions that friends always pay at a set tempo. You can feel the intensity and benefits of the BPJS card which is very helpful.

The final word. That’s all the information we provide to all of our friends about how to pay bpjs bills at Alfamart. Hopefully the method or tutorial above can help friends who need this information. Thank you for reading.

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