A Very Easy Trick Block Opera Mini And Auto Redirect Blog To Google Chrome
A Very Easy Trick Block Opera Mini And Auto Redirect Blog To Google Chrome

A Very Easy Trick Block Opera Mini And Auto Redirect Blog To Google Chrome

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konsumtif.comA Very Easy Trick Block Opera Mini And Auto Redirect Blog To Google Chrome. In fact, not only UGC Browser browser that adapts to bloggers, Opera Mini is the same.

Visitors to advertisements that bloggers place on their blogs can be said to be free if the Opera Mini Browser comes to Opera. They will see advertisements on blog visitors that are visited. The Opera Mini browser also comes with an ad blocker expansion.

If the main blog visitors from smartphones are not surprised then if the revenue from Ads continues to decline despite the increase in the number of visitors. Nowadays it cannot be denied that Opera Mini browser and English browser are widely used by smartphone users. So instead of this browser, you just have to block it.

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It not only provides the amount of moving traffic but actually maintains these two browsers why they say blocked ads.

For those who are curious about blocking Chinese browsers, please listen to the previous article on how to block UC Browser access.

Here’s how to block Opera Mini to chrome and automatically redirect to chrome

So that visitors are not disappointed when they access the blog using the Opera Mini browser, We Only Chrome browser that automatically redirects visitors. Because apart from Firefox, so far Google Chrome is still in good contact with ad publishers like AdSense.

Every visitor who uses our blog from Opera Mini will automatically redirect to chrome. While Google does not block ads in Chrome. Because AdSense ads will appear perfectly. That way we do not lose income from these ads.

Opera Mini browser is quite easy to block.It will be much easier than Opera Mini browser visit program. For WordPress users we don’t need to use a plugin. You simply enter the following code into the header.Ph. Place the code directly under and see the result.

Don’t believe? Test yourself by trying to access the blog from the Opera Mini browser on a smartphone. The code will automatically redirect to the Chrome browser.

When you use spots, it’s almost like WordPress. Please code straight down to edit the HTML space for Spot users .

How easy isn’t it? Let’s automatically redirect every visitor who has access to the blog from Opera Mini. Maybe it’s all articles pointing Opera Mini in the belly and place of blogs. Hopefully this article has been useful and have a look at other cool and interesting articles. Therefore, save the greetings.)

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