Almost 3 years without going out shooting, Zahirah Macwilson misses her children on set

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Naturally, it is difficult for first-time mothers to leave their children to return to work after giving birth.

Those who are self-employed or have flexible working hours will naturally take a long break to take care of their own children.

Missing children when mothers return to work is a normal thing that happens among mothers, especially when they have spent too much time with their children since birth.

The experience was also felt by the tall actress of mixed blood, Zahirah Macwilson who shared the feeling on her Instagram.

Drama actress Don’t enter my house This admits that it has been two and a half years since she became a mother and did not do any drama or film filming.

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Zahirah or her real name, Nur Zahirah Macwilson, 27, said she couldn’t wait to go home every time she finished filming outside.

Always miss children

“I like acting, but since becoming a mother, it’s a little difficult for me to do it (return to acting).

“Nevertheless, finally after two and a half years, I returned to acting in a drama series.

“Every day I’m on set, miss my Isaac so much.

“The thing I look forward to the most every day is when he comes running to me screaming ‘mummy’ every time I come home from work,” he wrote.

Isaac the Entertainer

The favorite child of this equally beautiful and matching couple is indeed a family member’s favorite.

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Isaac, who is 19 months old, is a lively, intelligent and entertaining child.

In the many videos of Isaac’s behavior that are often shared by Zahirah, it proves how this cutie was raised with an abundance of love from both mummy, daddy and grandparents on both sides.

Therefore it is not surprising that Isaac grew up active and intelligent. Mummy should remember and miss Isaac every time she goes out to work.

What’s more, Zahirah has never been away from Isaac since the first day she gave birth to the child of her heart.

For info, Zahirah married actor Aiman ​​Hakim Ridza, 33, on 20 February 2020 and they were blessed with their first child Isaac Raees on 5 January 2021.

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Source: IG Zahirah Macwilson

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