Annoying Phishing Hacking, Here’s How to Avoid It
Annoying Phishing Hacking, Here’s How to Avoid It

Annoying Phishing Hacking, Here’s How to Avoid It

Posted on – In the digital era like today, many online businesses are scattered. Business people and even product buyers or users usually use certain platforms. But not infrequently among them have problems, one of which is attacked phising hacking dan malware.

Therefore, you should be aware of some of these phishing actions so that your online activities become calmer and undisturbed. Regarding how to avoid it, you can see the review below!

How to Avoid Phishing Hacking

The most important thing to be able to overcome phishing is to increase the security contained in computer systems and networks. The security method is as follows:

Security for social media sites

Security for social media sites
Security for social media sites

If you want your account or social media site to be secure, like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, then you have to create a bookmark for the login page. Or you can also type the social media URL directly in the browser address bar.

Security for email

Security for email
Security for email

Email is the easiest account for phishers to attack. Therefore, if there is an incoming message, try not to be too fast for the message link in the email. But don’t download attachments contained in emails without seeing the sender’s link first.

In the email you must also be careful not to get phished by analyzing the following questions:

  • Is the message not personally addressed?
  • Are you not the only person receiving email from the same account?
  • Does the message contain spelling errors, grammatical errors, typos, stiff and non-standard sentences?

If from the analysis of the question the answer is yes, it can be ascertained that the email is phishing. To anticipate this you can do the following:

  • The first you need to update the antivirus on your laptop or computer. You have to update it consistently or you can also install special software that can be used for internet security.
  • Second, you should stay alert for emails or instant messages that you didn’t ask the sender for.
  • Always try to back up data.
  • Never send sensitive and important information or messages by e-mail. Important information in question such as bank PIN, account number, ID card number and so on.
  • If your email contains suspicious things such as transactions from your bank account, then you can use the call center to be followed up.
  • Try not to enter the ID and password through the open page or the page found in the link.

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