Anubrata Mondal in Supreme Court: Anubrata avoided appearance again, may approach the Supreme Court to get protection. Anubrata Mondal may go to Supreme Court to avoid CBI IV news

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Birbhum: Birbhum Trinamool district president Anubrata Mondal avoided attendance despite being served a CBI notice by going to Bolpur’s house. He was scheduled to appear at 11 am on Wednesday. He did not go to the Nizam Palace even after the appointed time. According to sources, this time he is going to approach the Supreme Court. It is known that the lawyers of Anubrata Mandal can apply to the Supreme Court to get protection. According to the source, you can apply by showing the reason for the illness. Let him be interrogated, no objection, but Anuvrata can go to the Supreme Court with the request that he should not be arrested.

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Anubrata has been summoned not once but 9 times in the cow smuggling case. He visited the Nizam’s Palace only once. Since then he has avoided attendance. His name has already come up in the case of cow smuggling. Anubrata Mandal’s bodyguard has already been arrested. While it is not clear what action will be taken against Anuvrata, it is speculated that the CBI may take strict action as he has repeatedly avoided appearing. It is believed that the CBI may approach the court if necessary.

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On the other hand, if Anubrata wants protection, CBI lawyers are also ready to oppose him. They are confident enough to oppose. The CBI has repeatedly identified Anuvrata as influential. And recently, the accusation brought forward by Chitsak Chandranath Adhikari against Anuvrata, the informed circles think that Anuvrata is ‘influential’ once again.

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Details coming soon…


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