Be careful if the baby often has a fever.  They may be ‘third smokers’.  Risk of sudden death
Be careful if the baby often has a fever. They may be ‘third smokers’. Risk of sudden death

Be careful if the baby often has a fever. They may be ‘third smokers’. Risk of sudden death

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Smoking harms health. Although various warnings are given to the community, the level of community awareness of the risks of cigarettes and smoke released is still low.

In relation to the shared article, second and third smokers have a more risky effect because they will be inhaled indirectly by the surrounding individuals.

Even cigarette residue still lasts for several hours and this residue becomes three times more dangerous because it is the residue of toxins that have gone stale.

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“Be careful if your baby often has a fever, cough or flu.

There is a high chance that your baby is a “THIRD SMOKER”!!

The third smoker is 3 times more dangerous than the first smoker who burns and smokes cigarettes.

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Why is 3x more dangerous?

Imagine that every cigarette contains hazardous chemicals such as carcinogens, nicotine, carbon monoxide, benzene, formaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide.

Although dangerous, these ingredients are still fresh and safe for smokers to inhale. Smokers enjoy inhaling and safely releasing their gin.

But the residual smoke that is blown out is not safe for the people around. People who inhale this smoke will become a SECONDARY SMOKER.

This is not dangerous anymore!

The most dangerous is the residue of cigarette smoke that has stuck to clothes, skin, chairs, tables, floors, walls, sofas and cars. This residue can linger for hours after the smoker leaves.

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This waste is 3 times more dangerous because it is the waste of toxins that have gone stale.

Even if you eat stale rice, it can make you sick to your stomach, especially with stale cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke with 4000 dangerous chemicals, stale as well, is multiplying his danger.

The worst thing is that in babies, fever, cough and flu are just the initial symptoms.

If it continues, it can be serious until falling ill, sudden death (SIDS), IQ decline, fatigue (asthma), lung disease and respiratory tract infections.

It doesn’t matter 3 meters or 300 meters, cigarette smoke is still dangerous.

Stop before it’s too late. If you don’t love your own life, feel sorry for the children and loved ones who are victims.

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Mohd Fais

Cigarettes can be bought and sold but lives cannot be exchanged.

p/s: Please pass this message on to other people too, because apparently there are still many people who are not aware of the dangers of cigarette smoke.


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