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Bali not only has natural and cultural beauty to attract tourists, both from within and outside the country. The Island of the Gods also has a myriad of extreme sports suitable for those with an adventurous spirit, one of which is bungee jumping. Offering an extraordinary experience, bungee jumping in Bali can be found at a number of points and set prices ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah.

Bungee jumping (source: mldspot)
Bungee jumping (source: mldspot)

What is Bungee Jumping?

It is undeniable, currently the development of extreme sports is indeed increasing rapidly, which is marked by the increasing variety and demand for it. Extreme sport itself can be said to be a sport that is leading to a more modern and more individualistic sport, with a higher level of difficulty and a greater risk of accidents than sports in general.[1]

To do this sport, one must do the right exercises and be accompanied by a professional so as not to endanger safety. The reason is, the challenges of extreme sports are not only from physical movement, but can also come from natural or environmental conditions, unpredictable weather, tough terrain, and others.[2]

There are lots of extreme sports to try, and one that adrenaline-challenged is in the mood for is bungee jumping. In simple terms, bungee jumping is an activity of jumping from a height of up to hundreds of meters above the ground using a safety rope made of rubber or latex, which is said to have existed since the 19th century.

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In Indonesia, there are many locations that offer bungee jumping activities, including Bali. As the most popular and worldwide holiday spot, Bali doesn’t want to miss upgrading its tourist offer by presenting something new and unique, including bungee jumping. Then where are the locations of bungee jumping in Bali and what is the price range or rate?

Spot Bungee Jumping in Bali

  • Bungee Jumping Blangsinga. As the name suggests, this bungee jumping spot is located in Blangsinga Village, precisely in the area of ​​Songsongan Waterfall. This is one of the most famous bungee jumping spots in Bali, offering the sensation of jumping from the top of a 50 meter high waterfall. Therefore, it is not surprising that then this spot is in demand by many tourists, both from within and outside the country.
  • AJ Hackett Bungy Jump. The location is on Jalan Arjuna, Seminyak, Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali. With a height of about 45 meters, tourists will be invited to jump while enjoying the height of the scenery around the beach. To get to the jump point, you don’t need to be tired, because the manager has provided an elevator.
  • Bali Bungy. Still in the Seminyak area, precisely on Jalan Pura Puseh, you can find Bali Bungy which is also suitable as a place to get your adrenaline pumping. Although this is an extreme activity, tourists need not worry because the equipment provided is said to have pocketed international safety certificates. All equipment is reportedly imported directly from Australia.
  • Bali Adrenaline Park. As the name suggests, this vacation spot is perfect for those who want to experience the sensation of extreme and challenging travel. Located on Jalan Benesari, Kuta, Badung, Bali Adrenalin Park provides a variety of adrenaline-pumping activities, from bungee jumping to slingshots.
  • Bali Tower Bungy. Located in the Kuta Beach area, which has also become one of the tourist centers in Bali, travelers can bungee jumping from the top of the tower with a height of about 45 meters. Then, tourists will be ‘dropped’ into a specially made swimming pool under the tower. What’s interesting, travelers can do various styles, such as tandem jump or ultimate fireball kick.
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Bungee jumping (source: superlive.id)
Bungee jumping (source: superlive.id)

Then, how much does it cost to be able to try bungee jumping at these places? Because it is a dangerous activity and of course requires very high safety standards, the price of bungee jumping tickets cannot be said to be cheap. For reference, the following is the price range for bungee jumping on the Island of the Gods.

Price Bungee Jumping Bali

Bungee Jumping Place Price range
Bungee Jumping Blangsinga Entrance Ticket : IDR 20,000
Bungee Jumping : Rp800.000 – Rp1.000.000
Bali Bungy Single : Rp850.000
Finally: Rp1,700,000
Bali Tower Bungy Single : Rp850.000
Finally: Rp 1,700,000
AJ Hackett Bungy Jump Single : Rp990.000
Finally: Rp 1,850,000
Bali Adrenalin Park Call +62813 3801 1167
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We summarize the information on the price of bungee jumping in Bali from various sources, including leaks from a number of tourists who have visited. You should note that the bungee jumping fee above is not binding and can change at any time, depending on the manager’s policy. Usually, rates will increase during peak seasons, such as the holiday season or the turn of the year.

[1] Pramudya, Ikhfan Anggi. 2016. Survey on the Development of Extreme Skateboarding in Banjarnegara Regency (Thesis). Sport Science Faculty of Sport Science, State University of Semarang.

[2] Ibid.

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