Cheap Quota XL 30GB for only 10 thousand Update 2022
Cheap Quota XL 30GB for only 10 thousand Update 2022

Cheap Quota XL 30GB for only 10 thousand Update 2022

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Cheap Quota XL 30GB for only 10 thousand – The XL service operator has various attractive promos, especially for internet users and activists.

With this promotion, the goal is to increase customer interest so that they feel more comfortable when using the xl starter pack.

In the midst of high internet quotas, XL providers have done various things because they recently launched a cheap 30 GB XL quota at a price of 10 thousand rupiah, this offer is welcomed by all Android phone owners who often access the internet.

Not a few of them choose to use XL cards so they can use cheap data packages from XL easily.

Because we can get cheap internet using an xl card, only for those who are curious and want to buy a 30 gb quota for only 10 thousand? follow the steps that we provide as follows.

How to Buy XL Quota 30GB 10 thousand with the MyXL application

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  1. First and foremost, make sure that the xl card you are using has 10 thousand credits.
  2. Please download the MyXL application first on the Google Playstore.
  3. Next, if you have successfully downloaded myXL, then install the application.
  4. Then you can simply open the myXL application.
  5. After that, in the main menu, just click the plus (+) symbol located below and click “buy package”
  6. Your next step is to select “New XTRA Package”
  7. And in that area there are 3 choices, you just move to the left and select “XTRA Quota”
  8. Select / click buy “30 GB quota only 10 thousand” for the active period itself, which is 30 days / 1 month
  9. For payment, you can choose “pay with credit” and click “Buy”
  10. Just wait until there is an incoming message telling you if the purchase of the xl 30 gb quota was successful
  11. Done.

What you can do for how to buy an xl 30 gb quota at a price of 10 thousand is to download a cheap quota-producing application that is already on the playstore.

The name of the application is myXL. By using the myXL application, now you can easily get a 30 GB xl quota for only 10 thousand.

That’s how to buy XL 30GB 10 thousand quota with the MyXL application. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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