Check Air Quality Around Through the IQAir Application or Website
Check Air Quality Around Through the IQAir Application or Website

Check Air Quality Around Through the IQAir Application or Website

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Gadgetren – The better the air quality is distributed, of course it will create a healthy life for residents in the area.

With clean air quality, of course, it can make people comfortable when doing their daily activities. In addition, clean air can also reduce the spread of disease.

Meanwhile, sometimes you will also wonder how clean and how good is the air quality of the city or area where you live. Is it good, medium, or not good?

Fortunately, you can now check the air quality in various countries, including regions in Indonesia, using the IQAir website which can be accessed from a browser or the AirVisual application on your cellphone.

Check Air Quality in Surrounding Area

Via Website

  1. Open the app browser or browser
  2. Visit IQAir official website from browser
  3. On the main page, type the name of the region in the field Search. For example Bogor
  4. Later the website will display the air quality in the city of Bogor

IQAir Air Quality Website

Not only displaying air quality, this website is also able to provide information on air pollution levels, pollutant concentrations, and health recommendations on how to protect against air pollution in the area.

In addition, you can also find pollution maps, weather forecasts, and air quality index (AQI) forecasts directly through this service. Likewise, the air quality history of an area is also available for you to view on the AQI website.

For those of you who don’t know, IQAir is an air quality technology company from Switzerland that collaborates with institutions in various countries to provide protection against pollutants in the air.

IQAir is also developing air quality monitoring and air cleaning products. In addition, IQAir has presented an air quality information application called AirVisual which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Via Application

  1. Open the app AirVisual on mobile
  2. The application will immediately detect your location is
  3. When you enter the main page, you will be faced with air quality data on location from nearby
  4. But if you want to see other regions, press menu Search berikon magnifying glass at the top
  5. Type region name in column Search and press the button Enter
  6. Next, the air quality of the area you are looking for will be displayed

AirVisual Air Quality

The application will also display information about wind speed, humidity percentage, weather, air pollution levels, maps of air quality, and others similar to what is provided on the website.

However, if you want to have more accurate data, such as right at home or a certain room, you should buy an air quality monitor, air purifier, or other product made by IQAir whose data can be monitored directly from your cellphone.

In addition, air purifiers from several brands sold in Indonesia are equipped with features that can monitor air quality on a limited basis.

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