Cipongkor West Bandung Culinary Tour, Ikan Bakar Saung Apung Abah Tata

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Cipongkor is one of the ci sub-districts of West Bandung Regency. Even though the location is quite far from the city, it doesn’t mean that there are no tourist attractions here, especially culinary tour in Cipongkor, West Bandung.

Yupz, this time we will provide information about culinary attractions in Cipongkor that are worthy for you to visit on the weekend.

Cipongkor and Saguling River

The Cipongkor area itself is almost adjacent to the Citarum River (Saguling River), this wide river is used as an energy source for hydroelectric power plants.

You must already know about the Saguling Hydroelectric Power Plant, the Saguling Hydroelectric Power Plant which supplies Java and Bali’s electricity needs.

As a water area, it is not surprising that Cipongkor is one of the places for freshwater fish cultivation. There are many floating fish ponds around Cipongkor that cultivate tilapia and catfish.

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In addition, freshwater fish fishermen often catch fish every day.

The abundance of tilapia in this area is used by culinary business actors to open food stalls, the menus served are varied but more dominated by the grilled fish menu.

Cipongkor Culinary Tourism Location, Ikan Bakar Saung Apung Abah Tata

Several tourist attractions in Cipongkor can be visited, such as Cicangkang Hilir Water Tourism Park, Cukang Rahong Tourism, Jajaway Waterpark, and so on.

Some are being prepared because they are still under construction, such as tourist attractions in Citalem Village and Cibenda Village.

For those of you who like culinary tours, don’t forget to hunt for grilled fish in the Cikadu area.

Cikadu itself is known as a culinary tourism destination for Cipongkor residents specifically for grilled fish. Here there are several places to eat grilled fish, some are located on the side of the road but there are also floating grilled fish stalls.

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One of the floating food stalls that is currently popular is Saung Apung Abah Tata which is located on Jl. Raya PLTA Saguling Cicangkanghilir Cipongkor, Pasir, Gempol, West Bandung Regency.

The advantages of this place to eat besides the delicious grilled fish food menu, it is also a clean and comfortable place. Being floating in the waters makes this place to eat look beautiful, it is clean and it can be said that there are no flies at all.

The price for the menu here varies, you can order a package of rice liwet with 1 kilogram of grilled fish, ca-kangkung, chili sauce, fresh vegetables for only Rp. 100,000. This package is suitable for eating for four to five people.

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The final word

That’s a glimpse of Cipongkor culinary tour, West Bandung, hunting for grilled fish at Saung Apung Abah Tata. A comfortable family dining place, the place is clean, the location is easy to reach, ample parking and affordable prices. Hopefully this information can be useful for all of us.

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