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The Invitation-only social audio platform, the Clubhouse app, has now launched its app for use all over the world, including India. This application began to be tested in the US a few weeks ago.

The startup was founded in early 2020 and is backed by venture firm Andreessen Horowitz. Initially the app was only available on Apple’s iOS platform and has been around for about a year, now the developer has informed that they will be planning to release the app for the Android version worldwide.

However, Clubhouse is still taking a measured approach with the release of this Android app. Earlier this month, the developer also announced it would maintain the invite system waiting list for now and continue to open it in the coming months.

This is because they are seeing much faster growth than they had expected, they also say it may be part of the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition, this will have an impact on their system, because excessive use of the system will result in downtime. Like what Clubhouse has said in its post this month. “It made us shift our focus to recruiting, improving and building the company.”

The Clubhouse application in the Android version has features that are quite simple when compared to the iOS version of the application. The application does not allow its users to connect to social media network accounts.

As a result developers will face increasingly fierce competition today, as various tech companies such as Twitter, Discord, Facebook, Spotify, Reddit, LinkedIn, Slack, and Telegram have launched or are working on their products.

Currently, all users in India are using Twitter Spaces to create audio chatrooms or what is more commonly called “Space”. If outside India, Twitter users with 600 followers or more can create hosting space.

The launch is expected to give Clubhouse a boost to users as needed, as the number of downloads has been dropping in recent months.

In India, Clubhouse had 14,000 downloads in April, 20,000 downloads in March and a peak of 42,000 in February this year. In total, the app had around 922,000 downloads worldwide in April.

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