Cnus Tech Mod FF v20 Apk Mod Menu Free Fire Anti Banned
Cnus Tech Mod FF v20 Apk Mod Menu Free Fire Anti Banned

Cnus Tech Mod FF v20 Apk Mod Menu Free Fire Anti Banned

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Cnus Tech Mod FF Apk – If you have played the Free Fire game for a long time then surely you know that now there are many modified versions or Mods of the free fire game, one example of which is the cnus tech mod ff which is now starting to be sought after by survivors in our country.

So why are the fans of this ff mod apk increasing day by day? maybe because many survivors hope that the locked features in this game can be unlocked, for example like the unlock all skin feature or auto headshot ff, because in the original version you can’t find it.

All gamers know that this Free Fire game has lots of cool items in the shop menu, and each item has its own characteristics so that many people are interested in getting it.

But to get premium items you have to buy them with diamonds, because of that there are some survivors who want to find cheat tricks so they can get them for free.

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In addition to this FF game, it is a Battle Royale game where in the game we are required to survive until the late game from other players so that you need enough skill to get Booyah and become number one.

Moreover, the number of enemies who are participating in survival with you is 49 so you need enough tactics so you don’t lose at the beginning of the game.

Because if you want it to be easier to play the free fire game then you can use a cnn tech mod apk application which is claimed to make it easier for you to play this ff game.

What is Cnus Tech Mod FF

You need to know that this Cnus Tech Mod Apk is a mod menu ff created by a third-party developer which if you use this application you will get various cheat menus that you can use.

For example, like the auto aim cheat menu where if you activate this feature, your aim will automatically lead to the enemy’s body even if you don’t direct it, with a feature as cool as that of course many survival gamers want to use this cnn tech mod ff.

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Therefore, if you are also curious and want to use the latest ff menu mod application then you are very lucky because at this time I want to provide information for all of you, that way you can immediately use the application and win the free fire game very easily.

Download Cnus Tech Mod FF Apk V20

Because it’s really difficult to get this application because it’s not in the Playstore, not a few gamers are confused about where to get the application file, but you don’t need to be confused because you can download the Cnus Tech Mod FF 2021 which I will provide in my review this time.

  • No: Cnus Tech Mod Menu FF
  • File Size: 94MB
  • Version: 1.57.0
  • Developer: Cnus Tech
  • Recommended OS: Android 5.0 Up

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Before you use this application, you must know what features you can use in this application, of course the features are very epic and the application is still active for you to use.

Fitur Cnus Tech Mod FF

Like other apk menu mods in this application there are also lots of mod features that you can use to make it easier for you to win the game very easily and here is a summary of the features.

This feature itself is a feature that will tell you the location of the enemy around you, because if you activate this feature, a long line will appear on the head or hand on the enemy and will be visible from a distance.

If you activate this cheat, your shot will go straight to the enemy’s body without deviating a bit because the recoil of the weapon is removed.

Indeed, in the original version there is an auto aim feature but it is very limited, but if you activate this feature, the auto aim will be much more pronounced.

Not only auto aim, because you can also use the auto headshot cheat so that once you shoot, you can immediately headshot.

This cheat allows you to use a medkit while running which in the original version you have to be quiet to use it.

By activating this feature, the damage generated will be greater even if you use weapons with small damage points.

Those are just some of the features that you can get from this cnn tech mod ff apk because there are still many other features that you can use, to find out, please just use the apk and then you can see how to use it below.

How to Use Cnus Tech FF Mod Menu

Actually this cnn tech mod ff application is a raw ff application modified by a third-party developer so that it will display a mod menu if you use it.

Then to use this application you can use OBB and the original Free Fire Data so you don’t need to re-download it, and please move the data and obb folders first before installing this cnus tech mod ff, for more details, here’s the tutorial.

  1. First, please download the cnus tech mod ff apk first
  2. Next you look for the folder com.dts.freefireth pada folder Android > Data and OBB
  3. After that move the second com.dts.freefireth or rename the destination when you delete the original free fire application, the two folders and files are not deleted
  4. If you have moved or changed the name of the folder, now delete the Free Fire application that you have installed
  5. Next, please find the apk file and install the application
  6. If the installation process is complete, don’t open it first
  7. You move the com.dts.freefireth folder to the Data or OBB folder as before or change the name if you don’t move it
  8. Now you can open this application, it will automatically open the free fire game

To use the ff menu mod in this application, you click the icon that says cnus tech when the free fire game is open, a mod will appear as shown below.

Then after that a mod menu will appear that you can choose one or more, but I recommend not using more than 2 cheats to avoid system detection.

Is this CNN Tech Mod FF Application Safe?

You must know that Garena strictly prohibits the activities of players who use mod applications or cheats, so you don’t expect this application to be safe for you to use because tomorrow or the day after tomorrow the system may detect it.

Therefore, if you just want to try it, then use a new FF account to avoid things you don’t want.

The final word

Well now of course you already understand and maybe you have downloaded the cnus tech mod ff v20 apk on your device, and now please use the application and then activate the mod feature that will make the game easier.

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