“Don’t Show Your Sadness In Front Of Everyone” Charles Tee Tells Ex GF Mona

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Local internet celebrity couple Charles Tee (拿督赛) and Mona (楊芮), both familiar names to us, have been in a stable relationship for many years. However, it was reported earlier this month that the two have broken up and now that Mona has taken down all the photos of the two of them from her Instagram, it seems pretty official.

The news of the two breaking up has sparked many heated discussions and contentious debates amongst fans and internet users. However, Mona’s post on Douyin has caused even more media rumours. Charles appeared to be at his wits’ end and proceeded to vent on his Instagram stories.


A few days ago, Mona posted on Douyin with the caption saying: “Love is a bet I lost but I don’t regret it. I can finally put everything down and go home with peace of mind. Thinking about my parents who I owe apologies (to).” This has netizens suspecting that she plans to return to China alone to reunite with her parents.

As for Charles who also turned to social media as a venting channel, he wrote, “Get used to being scolded, (as you will) continue to be scolded. (You) don’t have to show your sadness in front of everyone. I, at least, don’t like it.” He also questioned the media, asking why they were blowing things out of proportion. And his last post, seemed to be a direct response to Mona’s caption about “going home”. He said; “I’ve already reached home, thanks to everyone. Met a nice and good-hearted person, goodnight.



It appears the two still have a lot of issues to resolve. But do you still recall when Mona first moved out in early June? She did remark that she’s open to letting things between the two of them happen naturally, in other words; ‘if it happens, it happens‘, even though she seemed doubtful at the time.

Well, it looks like we’re going to have to stay tuned and just wait for more posts from them.

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