Download Hikaku Sittater, Couple’s Height Check Application
Download Hikaku Sittater, Couple’s Height Check Application

Download Hikaku Sittater, Couple’s Height Check Application

Posted on – Hikaku Sitatter is an application for height comparison that is viral on TikTok because this application is widely used with ease. Application I am tall as a height comparison application that is popular on social media and is easy to use.

Interestingly, this application also has a variety of features that are already embedded in it, so it is very easy to use even if it is only to compare heights. You can go to the site or use the Hikaku Sittater application directly.

For those who are curious, you can read about Hikaku Sittater Couple’s Height Check Applicationsee the following discussion.

Tentang Hikaku Sitatter

Hikaku Sitatter is an application that is on the rise and has many functions, one of which is to measure height and compare height with others.

Anyone can compare their own height with others, this can aim to find out the ideal height. Or also match your height with a potential partner.

For that for those who want to try, it’s not wrong to use it, because this application is fairly safe, you know.

Functions of the Hikaku Sitatter

This one site offers many features where you can compare your height with idol figures or other people such as siblings, family or partners. This application also has a simple interface and is easy for everyone to use.

On the first page on the Hikaku Sitatter site you can enter a height measurement that will be compared with a maximum of 10 people. However, if you don’t have data on the person whose height will be compared, it can’t be done automatically.

This site is also suitable for those who want to compare height with a partner or idol. In addition, how to compare it is enough to enter the height of the person alternately, because this application cannot be done simultaneously.

What is the name of the Hikaku Sitatter site?

You can copy this link or you can enter it directly into the browser search you are using.

Only, if you want to find it manually, you can enter the keyword Hikaku Sitatter into the browser search and the official website will appear later.

There’s a lot more interesting here:

Can Hikaku Sitatter speak Indonesian?

Although the Hikaku Sitatter site uses Japanese, you can also find links from Hikaku sittater in Indonesian. Or you can also use the site hikaku sittater bts with the idol.

Before comparing a person’s height, you must first know the data from that person. This is to facilitate the comparison of height with that person. If you do not know the height of the person, it is difficult to get the appropriate results.

Here is the site link hikaku sittater berat badan using Japanese and English. And also the link hikaku sittater indonesian tall which can be used with the name web hikaku sitter like:

  • Japanese
  • English Version

You can use Indonesian by activating the translation feature first. So that you can know the meaning of the discussion of the site used.

Here are the steps to use the site aplikasi hikaku sitter these are:

  1. First open a browser that is often used.
  2. Then copy the link that was given earlier.
  3. If you have entered the Hikaku Sitatter site. Then you will see the initial view of this site.
  4. After that you can directly fill in your personal data about your height in the “ADD Person” column.
  5. Then select the gender “Male or Female”, then click on the gender.
  6. Next fill in the name in the “Name” column and the height “Height”.
  7. Then you can choose the color from the data as you wish in the “Color” column.
  8. After that set the color you want to use.
  9. If so, just press on the “Add Person” column.
  10. Done and later will appear the results of the comparison of your height with the desired person.
  11. Done. You can already use hikaku sittater tinggi according to the needs.

That’s a brief description of Hikaku Sittater Couple’s Height Check Applicationgood luck.

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