Download Link RA WhatsApp Apk v8.26 Anti Banned Latest 2021
Download Link RA WhatsApp Apk v8.26 Anti Banned Latest 2021

Download Link RA WhatsApp Apk v8.26 Anti Banned Latest 2021

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CHIP.CO.ID – From year to year, RA WhatsAppp develops by providing features that support its users. However, despite showing good progress, there are still some users who want to enjoy this application with more complete and certainly better features.

Application developers around the world are then competing to develop a modified version of WhatsApp. One developer from Indonesia developed a modified WhatsApp (Mod) under the name RA WhatsApp.

The appearance of a modified application is not without reason. Features are still limited and there are limitations when used. With this problem, many users of the original WhatsApp version chose to switch to using WhatsApp Mod.

RA WhatsApp at a Glance

RA WhatsApp is a WhatsApp application that has been modified by the developer. Interestingly, this Mod application was developed by the work of a national child named Ridwan Arifin, a person from Indonesia.

The WhatsApp Mod application developed by Ridwan Arifin aims to add new features or develop more complete features that already exist in the original version of WhatsApp.

This WhatsApp Mod application is much favored by WhatsApp Mod users because of its unique appearance. Comes by offering an interface that is similar to the appearance on iOS. This may be designed so that Android users can feel the sensation of using WhatsApp on their iPhone.

Basically, this WhatsApp Mod is a development of FM WhatsApp which has been developed by Fouad Mods. Although RA WhatsApp is still considered a new type of WhatsApp Mod, this application is one of the most popular WhatsApp Mod applications for WhatsApp Mod users.

Features of RA WhatsApp

There are several excellent features in this WhatsApp Mod application. Here are some of them:

  • Display Personalization Features

Personalization of the display is the main feature relied on by RA WhatsApp which has proven to attract users to use this WhatsApp Mod application. Automatically if you have installed this WhatsApp Mod, your WhatsApp appearance will be exactly the same as the iOS version of WhatsApp.

If you are bored with the look of the iOS version of WhatsApp. You can try and enjoy thousands of themes that you can download for free because they are already provided. You can not only change the theme.

In this WhatsApp Mod, users are allowed to make adjustments to the appearance of WhatsApp elements. For example, changing the shape and style of letters, chat bubbles, to being able to make changes to the tab size. App Lock Features

Furthermore, there is a second feature that many WhatsApp application users like, namely the application lock feature. With the availability of this feature, you don’t have to worry about secret chats on your WhatsApp being known by others.

If you are using RA WhatsApp, you don’t need to install any third party app to enjoy the app lock feature. When viewed from the level of security, this WhatsApp Mod will be very safe because there is not only one locking method. But there are three methods at once, such as passwords, PINs, and fingerprints.

  • Features of Various Files

For those of you whose current status is either a worker or a student. Of course often send files with large sizes to friends in your contacts. In RA WhatsApp is different from the original version of WhatsApp because of limitations. If you use RA WhatsApp, you can send various types of files with a larger size limitation.

If in the original version of WhatsApp there is a limitation in sending files with a capacity of 16 mega bytes in one send. In RA WhatsApp you can send files of any type with a maximum size of 30 mega bytes once sent.

  • Safer Privacy Features

On the privacy side, this WhatsApp Mod provides features that are actually not much different from other types of WhatsApp Mods that are spread on internet sites. These features include, for example, hide last seen, turn off blue ticks, hide when viewing status, to contact number regulations to block voice or video calls from what you don’t want. You can enjoy this on RA WhatsApp. In essence, the privacy features offered by RA WhatsApp are quite popular and you don’t need to worry.

Usually, WhatsApp Mod application developers will claim that the developed application is resistant to being banned. However, there are some WhatsApp Mod users who have been banned because they were detected violating the policies of the original WhatsApp version.

In addition to the five superior features, Ridwan Arifin also developed features in a subtle way. This means, on the features that are already available in the original version of WhatsApp. IN RA WhatsApp is developed with proper functionality and not too much. This was done by this Indonesian developer with the aim of reducing the threat of being banned by the original version of WhatsApp.

How to Download and Install RA WhatsApp

You can download the RA WhatsApp Mod application via the link provided. For those of you who are still confused about how to install it. Here are some steps:

  1. You first download the RA WhatsApp APK file
  2. You can backup chat data on your original version of WhatsApp. If you want to use RA WhatsApp as your main account. This is so that you can restore the chat data that you want to use in this WhatsApp Mod
  3. Open the Rules menu then continue in the menu Security or Security
  4. Activating “Izin Unknown Source
  5. Click the APK file to start installing
  6. If it’s already installed, please register a new account using a sim card or just login with a registered sim card
  7. Verify your number and initial settings as well as upload a profile photo and set your name.

Well, that’s the article about RA WhatsApp. Hopefully the article CHIP.CO.ID share this is useful for those of you who want to try WhatsApp Mod.

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