Download the Latest GB WhatsApp (WA GB) Pro Apk Mod (Official) 2022
Download the Latest GB WhatsApp (WA GB) Pro Apk Mod (Official) 2022

Download the Latest GB WhatsApp (WA GB) Pro Apk Mod (Official) 2022

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For those looking for files GB WhatsApp or WA GB here we will provide it for free and a safe Pro Mod Apk download link, but before that you must first read this article thoroughly, because there is some information that you should know.

The number of messaging and chat applications is currently quite diverse. Then the best features in WhatsApp itself have also been enjoyed by smartphone users. It’s just that now the latest GB WhatsApp pro download version is at least able to provide more interesting opportunities than the previous version.

If we look at the reviews on various WhatsApp users, there are certainly the best features that users have enjoyed. However, from the GB WhatsApp version, it turns out that there are differences that you must understand before using it.

What is the GB WhatsApp APK Pro App?

download GB WhatsApp

Broadly speaking, the GB WhatsApp version has become one of the types of messaging applications on the Android platform with several changes. It can be said that the modification of files to features in this WhatsApp Mod version is indeed quite different and is widely accessed for almost the same purpose as the original version.

The development of GB WhatsApp is carried out by a third party, so from the latest update feature it is clearly different because it cannot be accessed from the Android application center or Play Store. Although it is still a WhatsApp application development from a third party, it turns out that the way it works is not too different.

So there are some of the best options that can be seen from the position of additional features that are still lacking in the official WhatsApp application. Many people, especially users of the WhatsApp application in the original version, still want developments in a better direction. This is where the best features become one of the best potentials for using the latest version of GB WhatsApp.

How to Use the Latest GB WhatsApp APK Pro

GB WhatsApp

The use of the latest GB WhatsApp APK Pro provides important access that makes everything easier from the aspect of the system and its features. From here, there are several ways to take advantage of access from the latest WA GB Mod as discussed below.

1. Use of Privacy Settings Features

In the aspect of privacy settings, it is one of the right capitals to take into account access to privacy in social activities. In this case, you need several ways to be able to use the privacy settings feature in GB WhatsApp Apk Pro as follows.

How to Use the Privacy Settings Feature

  • Open the application then click from the three-dot menu in the upper right corner.
  • Then click the Privacy menu and then a menu option appears and select the one that suits your needs.
  • Click from the OK option to enjoy the privacy settings feature.

2. Font or Font Changing Features

The use of the letter or font change feature is also considered quite easy to access. So you can use important steps like the following.

How to access change of letters and fonts

  • Open the application then click from the three-dot menu in the upper right corner.
  • Then click from the GB Settings menu, and select the Change App Font menu.
  • Select the available font options according to your needs then click load font.
  • There is evidence of a change of all letters in the messaging technique.

3. Theme Changing Feature

Changing the theme is one of the right modalities to be able to do a variety of background themes in chat access. From here, there are several steps to take advantage of WA GB access to change the theme as follows.

How to change the theme

  • Open the application then click the three-dot menu in the upper right corner.
  • Enter the GB Settings menu, then select download themes, then an interesting theme will appear for you to choose from.
  • If you feel confident, do access to apply to be able to get a new theme.

4. Hiding Online Status

There is still an interesting feature where you can hide your online status. This method is interesting because it does not give access to other people about your WhatsApp account status in the following way.

How to hide online status

  • Access the application then click the three-dot menu in the upper right corner
  • Check the privacy menu then select the hide online status option
  • Your account status will be invisible to other WhatsApp account users.

Link Download GB WhatsApp Apk Pro

Download Link for the Latest GB WhatsApp Pro Apk

Meanwhile, there is a lot of access that can be obtained from the Latest GB WhatsApp feature. Then from this latest GB WhatsApp Apk Pro download file, there are several main parts that need to be observed before you download it.

There are many main aspects of using GB WhatsApp Apk Pro which gives the best experience to all users. In this case, there is an important concept that makes some information from the download process actually more accessible during the installation stage precisely according to the following explanation:

App Name GB WhatsApp Pro
Current version 16.70.0
Last update 2022-07-23
App Size 47.5 MB
Android Version 4.0.3+
Link Download Click here

We can conclude from the GB WhatsApp application file above that it looks light. It’s just that the file size of 44.3MB must be managed in a large enough RAM capacity. Given the features in the GB WhatsApp Apk, it looks more complete and complex than the previous version.

Meanwhile, the use of the operating system is also taken into account, because the update feature in the application also has an impact on the use of the operating system.

How to Install GB WA Pro


Recognizing all the best features in the latest GB WhatsApp APK Pro application is one of the strong assets that you have to take into account. Therefore, from the download to the installation process it must be perfectly understandable because it cannot be accessed from the PlayStore.

  • Installing the GB WhatsApp application is not difficult, then from a manual system in installing unknown source settings or in the Unknown sources option.
  • Until finally there is a settings menu, then check from security options, then select unknown sources. Follow the steps from the instructions on your phone screen.
  • On Android mobile devices have given permission to install Apk from unknown sources. The download process can be done from the link provided.
  • The download process does not take long. Therefore, open the folder where you saved the Apk file with the downloaded GB WhatsApp. Click from the Apk file to be able to install it properly.
  • The last step is to log in to your Wa account then enjoy all the fantastic features of the Mod version. Some of the features right in the GB WhatsApp Apk Pro are important enough to be accessed as an important capital in sending all messages faster.
  • Congratulations, the GB WhatsApp APK Pro application can now be accessed by enjoying a faster and more interesting service than the original version.

Required Smartphone Specifications


It is quite interesting where the required smartphone specifications become one of the main components so that later it can be accessed more smoothly. Here is some information about the phone specifications needed so that the GB WhatsApp Apk Pro application runs more smoothly.

  • Has a minimum RAM capacity of 1GB to facilitate application performance.
  • Operating system above Android 4.1 or above to speed up application performance.
  • Minimum ROM capacity of 16GB to simplify the process of storing photo and video media to storing message files.
  • The latest chipset can be prioritized, it’s just not too fixated on the higher version because it can be operated on several older versions.

The advantages of the latest GBWhatsApp APK Pro download file currently have many great benefits to users. In this case, all kinds of shortcomings can certainly still be felt, but on the side of the anti-banned messaging application feature, it is expected to reduce the risk.

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It is necessary to take into account how the performance of all the features in the GB WhatsApp APK Pro download file which provides the best solution in speeding up the messaging process. In addition, there is a change in the update feature that needs to be accessed from the settings feature of your smartphone application.

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