Download the Latest RA Whatsapp v8.55 Anti Banned 2021 for Free
Download the Latest RA Whatsapp v8.55 Anti Banned 2021 for Free

Download the Latest RA Whatsapp v8.55 Anti Banned 2021 for Free

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RA Whatsapp – Undoubtedly, Whatsapp is one of the best and popular chat applications that is widely used by people. Because of its popularity, there are many competitors for similar applications such as Telegram, and others. Which is the toughest rival of the WA application. Actually, the uses of the two applications are the same, but there are only a few features that distinguish them. Talking about whatsapp, there are many modified versions that are currently available to use.

The purpose of creating a modified version of wa is to be able to access interesting features in it, because it has been embedded with some cool features that were not in the original version. In this case, when viewed from the features in the original wa, of course it is very sufficient to be used to communicate. But, it must be admitted, if the mod version of WhatsApp is indeed an alternative way to be tried, what’s more, the news regarding WhatsApp’s policy has not yet been confirmed.

Of the several wa mod versions created, GB WhatsApp Pro is popular among wa users themselves. And what we will discuss this time is about RA Whatsapp, which is a mod version of the WhatsApp application, which you must try. Just like the others, Rawa is also equipped with several interesting features that you can try. To find out more, please see the review below.

Download the Latest RA Whatsapp v8.55 Anti Banned 2021 for Free

What is RA Whatsapp

RA Whatsapp or Rawa, is a modified version of WhatsApp which is the work of the nation’s children, namely Ridwan Arifin. And the name of RA Wa itself is taken from the name of the developer. The beginning of Ra Wa, where this application only focuses on a display that resembles wa on iOS. But, the developers themselves are now changing and have provided Android 10 and also One UI. Of course, Rawa is a must for you to try.

For those of you android users who want to be curious and try to use whatsapp with iPhone navigation. Wa this modified version is the best choice for you to try to use it. In addition, this mod version of WhatsApp is equipped with excellent appearance and features, to offer various conveniences for those of you who use it. Therefore, please know what features are in this swamp.


Basically, every modified version of WhatsApp always has its own advantages, such as RaWa, but there are slight differences from other mod versions of WA. To find out more clearly, please see the review below.

Change Appearance

First, the advantages of ra whatsapp are embedded with a UI that matches iOS. And more inclined to white, if the original version is more dominant to the color green. So, when you use it, it makes this wa look interesting and different from the others. You can change the view as you wish.


Privacy on RA Whatsapp is absolutely guaranteed, for those of you who don’t want to be disturbed by friends who like to be ignorant and others. And the privacy referred to in this swamp is being able to hide notifications, last seen, typing status and much more.

Sending Files

Ra whatsapp allows you to be able to send files of up to 90 images in one message, to save time. However, it will be limited to 30 MB only, if it is more than that then you cannot send it. Where it is shown so that your smartphone does not hang. And you can also send document files, pdf, excel zip and others.


There is an applock feature that is useful for locking this swamp application and can be used using a password. For that, for those of you who don’t want to be disturbed by anyone, you can use this feature to stay safe.

Anti Banned

No need to worry about using this whatsapp ra, because the security system in it is really maintained. And it has been equipped with an anti-ban feature, but you have to keep updating regularly to avoid things you don’t want.

Other features

  1. Changing emoji
  2. Can zoom in profile snippets
  3. Status up to 250 characters
  4. Preview media and don’t have to download it again
  5. Counter statistics for groups

Download RA Whatsapp

If you are interested in trying the application directly, please download the Ra whatsapp application below for the benefit of communicating by enjoying all the interesting features in it. Just click on the download button below.

Name RA Whatsapp
Version 8.55
Size 43 MB
Developer Ridwan Arifin
Platform Android

Cara Install RA Whatsapp

Make sure you download the application above, and start using Ra whatsapp for the sake of communicating as usual by using all the excellent features in it. See how to install the application below.

  1. Please download the ra wa application above
  2. If so, go to Settings >> select security then allow install from unknown sources
  3. Open the file manager, and look for the apk file earlier
  4. Click install and wait for the results to finish
  5. If all processes are complete then you can already use Ra whatsapp

Tips Anti Banned

Even though the ra whatsapp application is equipped with anti-banned, to avoid getting banned from the original whatsapp, it takes several ways that you must apply such as updating or updating the ra Wa that you are using. By updating, all the features to the display also change.

As we know using any type of mod application is strictly prohibited because it will harm WhatsApp itself. Therefore, follow the method we provide in order to minimize the risk of being banned.

Cara Update RA WA

For those of you who don’t know how to update the ra whatsapp application, please follow the tutorial as follows.

  1. Please open mod settings in RA whatsapp
  2. Open update, and click check for updates
  3. If there is an update, then select web download and download the file
  4. Next, install as usual
  5. Done

Now that’s an easy way to update WhatsApp that you can try to apply yourself. By doing it regularly, you will get the latest features that are different from before, and of course to avoid the risk of being banned.

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The final word

That’s all we can say about RA Whatsapp, if you are interested, just get the application above, to feel the excitement and use all the excellent features in it. Good luck, and I hope this article is useful. thanks.

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