Durian Fruit Code 2D 3D 4D (Primbon And Erek Erek)

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Durian Fruit Nature Code 2D 3D 4D Primbon And Erek Erek – On this occasion, Mimin will discuss the durian dream code, including the dream of seeing a durian fruit.

And how about the events that you experienced in your dreams, whether it could be a good prediction or a bad prediction.

To understand all the interpretations of the predictions of the dream you are experiencing, you should continue reading this article to the end.

Because below, Mimin will collect some predictions from the dream of durian fruit according to the natural code, Primbon, Erek Erek, psychologists are also from Islam itself. How’s that? Check out the explanation below!

Durian Fruit Nature Code

Durian Fruit Nature Code
Durian Fruit Nature Code

Dream of Hanging Durian Fruit

According to the ancients, if a person dreams about hanging durian fruit, then the dream can be interpreted as a dream that has a meaning or sign.

And the meaning of the dream, from the incident of hanging the durian fruit, you will soon be able to realize yourself from the pain that could disappear at any time.

Then the lucky number of 2D 3D 4D dream hanging durian fruit is as follows:

  • 2D: 64 – 45
  • 3D : 558 – 133
  • 4D : 3903 – 1633

Dream of Destroying Durian Fruit According to Javanese Primbon

It seems that you already know and understand that the events in the dream are countless.

One of them is crushing a durian fruit, according to the dream book, the meaning of dreaming of destroying a durian fruit is that you are in a situation where you have to control your emotions, because it is a self-maturation process.

Then the lucky number according to the Islamic interpretation of the dream of destroying durian fruit is as follows:

  • 2D: 34 – 31
  • 3D : 337 – 499
  • 4D : 4966 – 1995

Dream of Cutting Durian Fruit

According to Islam, for those of you who dream of cutting durian fruit, it means that you will hire someone who is good, fair and wise.

Dreams like this are very good, then the number 2D 3D 4D according to Erek Erek from the dream of cutting durian fruit is as follows:

  • 2D: 58 – 67
  • 3D : 492 – 939
  • 4D : 2365 – 7672

Dream of Picking Durian Fruit

It is very popular among the general public that the dream sometimes gives a sign of what might happen to the leader.

Because the interpretation is unique and has a secret message in every dream. The dream meaning of picking durian fruit is also good, because the dream interpretation of picking durian fruit is that you will get results from the efforts that have been made.

You have tried to make something the best in order to get great results. Then the lucky number of dreams of picking durian fruit is as follows:

  • 2D: 40 – 83
  • 3D : 300 – 874
  • 4D : 2006 – 9516

Dream of Bringing Durian Fruit Into a Basket

One of the Complete Durian Predictions is about the dream of carrying Durian Fruit into this basket, does it mean your responsibility to yourself.

Then the lucky number from the dream of bringing Durian Fruit into the basket is as follows:

  • 2D: 79 – 47
  • 3D : 778 – 300
  • 4D: 8557–1192

Dream of Giving Durian Fruit to Others

It is very suitable if you dream of giving durian fruit to someone, because this dream is very good, and lucky or about your lucky fate in the near future.

And the meaning of the dream above has been adjusted to the dream interpretation of Primbon. Then the lucky number from the dream of giving durian fruit to others is as follows:

  • 2D: 97 – 73
  • 3D : 125 – 847
  • 4D : 6924 – 7636

Dream of being given durian by someone

Many people dream of getting durian from someone, therefore mimin is very happy to make predictions or interpretations of dreams given this durian fruit.

According to Javanese primbon, the meaning of a dream being given durian is the arrival of guests from afar, so the prediction is that the guest is not someone who lives around you.

Then the lucky number of Dreams Given Durian Fruit by Someone is as follows:

  • 2D: 26 – 84
  • 3D : 947 – 464
  • 4D : 8455 – 7940

Dream of Cutting down a Durian Fruit Tree

In the understanding of previous people, that dreaming of cutting down a durian fruit tree is a rather complicated thing, because this dream does not have a very clear meaning.

But stay calm, yes, because it can mean that you will win a business contest or even about a promotion at your job.

Then the lucky number in the dream of cutting down a durian tree is as follows:

  • 2D: 13 – 57
  • 3D : 360 – 997
  • 4D : 2823 – 9332

So mimin wrote about the natural code of this durian fruit for all of you. Hopefully the results of this mini writing will be very useful in the future.

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