Each teleporter trap and where do they lead
Each teleporter trap and where do they lead

Each teleporter trap and where do they lead

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elden ring It has plenty of elements of surprise throughout the lands in between. One of them is the Waygates, known as Teleporters who travel to unknown territory, usually filled with high-ranking enemies. If you are just starting out with the game, follow this guide as we have created the definitive list of every teleporter trap in the Elden Ring and where they lead.

Now, teleporters are of two types. One is a portal that takes you to a whole new place and the other is a trap that you will generally find in the form of chests. These chests are usually found in underground ruins.

The easiest way to identify a teleportation portal is by its appearance. They have a beam of light that goes into a small ring-like structure and asks if you want to use the portal to teleport to a new location. Whereas the traps are in the chests where smoke emits when opened followed by a dialogue saying it has fallen into a conveyor trap. However, if you can dodge the smoke, you won’t be taken with it.


Below is a list of every Elden Ring vector and trap that you should know before interacting with them.

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All Elden Ring Teleporter trap locations

This trap will probably be the first you come across because it is now very far from the first steps. As mentioned above, this box-shaped trap is located underground from the ruins that takes you to the Sellia Crystal Tunnel in Caelid. We advise you not to deal with enemies, and instead make your way using the nearest point of grace.

The Murkwater Caves can be found in Limgrave, near where you fight the Bloody Finger Nerijus. When you open the chest, it takes you to Minor Erdtree in West Limgrave. This area does not have any enemies, so you can explore it freely.

It is very important to spot the vector trap at this location as it leads to Volcano Manor which is not easily accessible. The trap in this place is not a chest but an iron maiden. Yes, in order to use the trap, let the Iron Maiden kill you and when you resurrect you will find yourself inside the mansion. Make sure to use the grace inside to unlock the area. This is the easiest way to make your way to Volcano Manor and Mount Gelmir if you are not interested in the Rya quest.

If you are interested in visiting the Royal Capital, Leyndell, use the chest on top of the tower on the Weeping Peninsula. Make your way through the enemies and open the chest that sends you to the divine Leyndell Tower. However, there’s not much you can do here because the area is locked, except to collect the spell from the chest by defeating the Golem.

These were all traps that you can easily avoid if you don’t want to rush into a high level area at the beginning of the game. Now, check out the teleports that lead you to new safe areas or have a boon location to unlock.

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All Elden Ring Teleporter locations


This is supposed to be the first teleporter you’ll come across that leads you to the Bestial Sanctum in Caelid. Talk to D, Hunter of the Dead, one of the NPCs who introduced you to Gurranq, the brutal clergyman.

Once you have defeated all the enemies and Godrick, The Grafted, it is now time to use the Great Rune. All you have to do is make your way through the giant Golems that guard the bridge and use the teleporter that takes you to the divine Limgrave tower.

lornia lakes

The Great Library within the Academy has a teleporter that you can use to teleport to the Church of Vows in Eastern Lyornia. The church has an interesting NPC who teaches you spells and incantations. Also, you can collect items such as golden sewing needles from the chest inside the church.

You will find the ruins near the North Liurnia motorway slack point. Despite being a ruin, this teleporter is not a trap, instead it sends you back to the entrance of Raya Lucaria Academy.

Near the South Raya Lucaria Gates, you’ll find a teleporter that takes you to the beaches of West Liurnia. Be aware of albinism as well as the giant crabs that crawl around.

Found inside a dome-like structure in the waters of the City Gate Academy. It takes you to the shores of Lake North Liurnia. Basically, these types of teleporters help you cut down the time when traveling in these areas.

The four towers contain three teleporters that can be used by inserting keys of the saturated stone into each one. These teleports take you to Crumbling Farum Azula, Nokron, Eternal City, and the starting area of ​​the Chapel Of Anticipation.

Similar to the Purified Ruins, Laskyar Ruins can help you reach the main entrance to Raya Lucaria Academy. The teleporter was found near the center of the ruins.

A very important teleporter that allows you to explore Ainsel River Main, an underground area in the Lands Between. You can access it by completing a large part of Rani’s quest.


You can find the Teleporter on top of the Fort Gael lookout tower. This will take you to the point next to the Great Impassable Bridge. We suggest using this teleporter if you don’t want to break through the bridge with enemies and fireball shots.

Another bus is located just before the bridge but can only be used after the Radahn Festival has begun.

Inside Redman’s Castle, there are two teleporters. One leads you to Wailing Dunes, the chief’s area and the other to the southwest of the castle takes you back near the Impassable Greatbridge.

Altus plateau

  • Great Bridge over the woods

They can be found near the Greatbridge-Spanning Greatbridge which helps you cross the broken bridge. Be sure to use it to meet Goldmask, an important character in Brother Cohryn’s mission.

Mountain peaks of giants and devoted snowfields

This is a hidden teleporter that can be unlocked by completing the puzzle inside evergaol. This will take you to Haligtree in Miquella.

  • Consecrated Snow Field (West)

This teleporter can be identified by the spots of blood around it and the presence of the binoric guarding it. It can take you to the underground Mohgoin Palace.


Locate the colossal statue, under it, is the teleporter that can take you to the point of Ancestral Eminence Woods. This teleporter is usually avoided after the location of grace has been successfully opened.

  • East and south of the Siuvra River

These teleports are located in the Hallowhorn Grounds and on the hills that lead you to the north and northeastern part of Siofra.

After defeating Fia champions, the teleporter can be found right next to Fia. They can take you to the Capital Rampart in Leyndell. This teleporter allows you to skip the fight with the Draconic Tree Sentinel

That’s all for the list of each Elden Ring teleporter trap and where they lead. Be sure to check out our guides section for more tips and tricks about different games.

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