Easy Tips for Making Business Cards Using Only Microsoft Office Word
Easy Tips for Making Business Cards Using Only Microsoft Office Word

Easy Tips for Making Business Cards Using Only Microsoft Office Word

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catatanpanda.comEasy Tips for Making Business Cards Using Only Microsoft Office Word. We all thought, myself included, that we could definitely make Word business cards for Microsoft Office.

In fact, I think that the results of Business Cards using the words office are no less beautiful than the results of special graphic design programs such as Photoshop or wealth. The daily schedule that we often fill in to make documents such as writing letters, making school administrative reports, and so on is stimulating if we can also use it to make business cards. Don’t believe? Please read this article to the end.

Business card processing if word office is beautiful but still doable however if we examine more details it won’t be as good as Made in Photoshop or in kernel. Yes, the name has not even made a special program, the results will not be optimal. But if we really need to make business cards and there is no time left while the computer doesn’t have Photoshop program or kernel, then the best solution is to use Microsoft Office Word ptogram.

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Here is an example of a simple business card creation using the Microsoft Office Word program:

The advantage of creating business cards with Office Word is that apart from the limited features and also we can’t save business cards in jpg, jpeg and PNG format files. If we want to print business cards made in office word that way, just print the document format file (.Paper) only.

Here’s how to make a business card in Microsoft Office Word

The Office word I used in creating this business card is Office Word 2007. Please adjust for other versions of Office Word only.

  1. Create import or square box

OK, let’s start practicing making business cards in this word office. Please open the Microsoft Office Word program that is already available on your computer or laptop. Create a square box using a rectangle from the Insert > Shape menu.

To determine the size of the width and height of the business card, we want to use the size of the business card that is often used by people if the width is 9 cm and the height is 5.5 cm.

To make our business card more attractive, please give it another background color (background). We can not only find one feature of giving the right color background in Word open office. In this example, I’m providing a background color using the shape styles in the Format menu. For colors, please adjust to your needs or according to individual tastes.

  1. Business card design with unclear writing

Create a business card in Office Word until the steps above are completely sufficient. We just need to put our name on the card. But here I want to apply another design touch when testing the characteristics of word office. I want to draw randomly using the blur of shapes feature.

The blur program is possible if it is a free format pen tool or if it is a freephone tool in Photoshop. We use the opacity of the business card to create a custom made image, my example is drawing as follows:

Right-click on the outline of the image and click Edit points.

Then the points will appear as dots on the line. We delete all the points and only four points remain, namely the top and bottom right and left (each corner). To delete these dots right click on the points you want to delete and click Delete point.

Having only four points left, let’s now tidy up the image again. Click Select corner to align each sideline and then a line will appear to draw between vertical and horizontal.

We hope that if it is really clean and fits the picture, then give the background color again. The color above is the same as the background.

  1. Insert logo or image on business card

The Business Cards that we make in our office word can also include our company logo or brand. But we need to know that in order for the logo to look more attractive, please include a PNG format file. The common logo or image file format will be transferred to the PNG background. To insert a logo or insert a picture, click the Insert menu > Picture option.

Now it’s time to provide identification on the business card (material). This is the most important thing because the main part of making a business card is the material or the material not the design.

  1. Type recognition using textbox

Use the text box for identification on business cards. We can find the menu Insert text box > size or the same when we create a rectangle. Give an attractive color or hue that follows the color of the business card design.

Almost forgotten. After selecting the text box, then remove the background color and outline color in the text box. After the Format menu, select fill shape > no fill and click again select Shape Outline > no outline.

As a complement we can design a business card with another image, for example I added two small boxes here (rectangles). The most important thing is not to apply excessive design.However, design is not just an excessive requirement.

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