Easy Ways to Video Call WhatsApp Web Via Laptop 2021
Easy Ways to Video Call WhatsApp Web Via Laptop 2021

Easy Ways to Video Call WhatsApp Web Via Laptop 2021

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Now a lot of people choose to use the application to chat and video call WhatsApp Web. This is just to maintain relationships and interact with family and friends.

Even though there is currently a pandemic, communication must be maintained and must be done. In this case the use of the application is the main way that is most suitable for use.

There are many applications that can communicate, both video calls and just chatting. The application that is very popular and most widely used is the WhatsApp application.

To make calls in this application you have to do it using a smartphone. However, not all types of smartphones can use the application to its full potential.

Therefore, there are times when you use the call feature using a computer or laptop. The WhatsApp application can now be used using a laptop, this is called whatapp web.

You can use the desktop version of WhatsApp like an application on a cellphone. But do you know how to make calls using this whatapp web?

Here we will discuss an easy way to make video calls using the desktop version of WhatsApp web.

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How to Video Call WhatsApp Web Without an Application

How to Video Call WhatsApp Web Without an Application

Open the WhatsApp Web App

The first thing you have to do is open the WhatsApp application on your laptop. But first you have to do the installation on your laptop.

If you don’t have the desktop version of the WhatsApp application, you can download or access it directly through the official WhatsApp website using your own browser such as Mozilla or Google Chrome.

Select Attach

After the application is open, the next step you can use the option attach on the WhatsApp. Menu attach You can find this on the right with a pictorial icon stone.

Select Room Options

At this stage you will run the camera function on the laptop. The method is very easy, you just need to choose the room menu. You can find this menu with an icon with a camera or video logo.

This option is also almost the same as the options found on smartphone devices and you can find it on the last desktop screen.

After completing all these steps, a new screen will be displayed. Choose an option continue in messanger. You will be automatically redirected to the page forum Messenger.

Next, enter the account username and password to be able to make video calls using whatsapp web Messenger. If you do not have an account, here you can immediately create a new account.

You can create an account using an email address and all you need to do is fill in the data according to the available fields.

Create Messenger Rooms

After successfully carrying out all the processes, you can also create video call rooms via Messenger Rooms and share the video call rooms links with WhatsApp Chat.

Of course, many service providers are able to compete with this WhatsApp for the web feature through their best features and access. As in the WhatsApp application which continues to grow and provide the best service.

WhatsApp is also one of the biggest messenger applications in the world and is famous for its calling feature. As is well known, WhatsApp is only able to make calls with as many as 4 people.

But recently, WhatsApp has improved its features by increasing the number of WhatsApp Web video calls to 8 people simultaneously. Even now it can be used on desktop computers.

This will make it easier for users to make video calls with a larger screen. This feature can also be used to receive calls about 50 people at once.

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How to Video Call WhatsApp Web Using the Bluestack Emulator

How to Video Call WhatsApp Web Using the Bluestack Emulator

Download BlueStacks

When you download BlueStacks, you can find files for online installation or offline installation. To make the process easier we recommend that you use an online installation file.

In addition to the convenience of using this file during the installation process you will immediately get the latest version of BlueStacks. The size is also quite small, which is around 900 KB.

However, during the BlueStacks installation process you need a stable internet network, and you also need to download the necessary components so that the application can be used smoothly.

Install BlueStacks

For the previously downloaded BlueStacks installation process. You can directly open the file. Then click Install Now to start the installation process.

Wait until the BlueStacks installation process is complete, this installation process requires a data capacity of 534 MB. So make sure the internet quota you are using is sufficient.

Account Login

After the installation process is complete, log in to your Google account using your email address. This process is mandatory because access is required to open the Google Play Store and install the WhatsApp application.

WhatsApp configuration

Before using the whatsapp application using a laptop or PC, you also need to configure whatsapp contained in bluestacks.

Here’s how to set WhatsApp on a laptop so you can make WhatsApp Web video calls.

  1. Open Google Play Store available on BlueStacks.
  2. Search or find apps WhatsApp Messenger.
  3. Select Install the App or Install App .
  4. When it is installed, please open the application.
  5. select Agree and Continue or Agree and Continue.
  6. Login or register an account like WhatsApp on Android.
  7. Press Continue to access contacts stored on the HP.
  8. Finally, you can directly use the WhatsApp application to make video calls.

Proses Video Call

After you have followed all the methods above, the next step is how to make a video call through the BlueStacks application, here’s how.

  1. Select menu tab Calls or an icon with a phone image at the bottom right.
  2. Find the contact you want to call.
  3. If there is an information window that appears, just press Continue.
  4. This is only to give WhatsApp permission to access the camera and mic on the laptop.
  5. Done, you can make calls to more than one person at a time.

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The final word

These are the steps you can take to make video calls using WhatsApp web via a laptop. This has been proven and you can try.

This method can also help those of you who want to make video calls with many people at once. Hopefully this article can be useful and can add insight to all of you.

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