Elyana Doesn’t Want to Comment on Hijab “If You Can’t Accept It, No Why. This Is Me”

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Source Photo: Instagram Elyana

Elyana does not want to comment on hijab, that’s the statement quoted in a newspaper report about the popular singer with the song Kalis Rindu.

A few days ago, a question mark arose when the singer uploaded a picture without hijab through his Instagram account.

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Elyana does not want to comment on Hijab

Confirming that she no longer wears the hijab, the owner of the real name Erneelya Elyana Emrizal appeared in the style of not wearing a hijab when she appeared in the Semarak Uniti Keluarga Malaysia program organized by the Ministry of National Unity (KPN) at the Malaysian Agriculture, Horticulture and Agro Tourism Exhibition (MAHA) 2022.

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Citing the Berita Harian Online report, Elyana admitted that she was more comfortable not commenting on the issue of hijab.

“I decided not to explain anything because they didn’t want an explanation.

“When I explain it, all sorts of absurd versions of the story will come out.

“For the sake of taking care of the soul and the environment, I decided not to explain anything to those who don’t want to understand me.

“This is a life process. It’s just, what can I say, I dream of a better life, every day,” he said.

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“Good Bad Let Me Bear It Myself”

Elyana also said, she doesn’t care about people’s views and opinions because what she does is what she does.

“In the past, I was very concerned about people’s souls and hearts. Now, I will do what I feel like doing. Good or bad, let me bear it myself.

“If you can accept it, Alhamdulillah. If you can’t accept it, it’s okay because I don’t have any problems, but this is who I am,” continued Elyana who also thanked those who prayed for her all this time.

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Women’s Weekly: I hope everything is fine in the life of Elyana and her family.

Source: Daily News

Source Photo: Instagram Elyana

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