Explanation of the Latest Ala Alatas Mother’s Business 2022
Explanation of the Latest Ala Alatas Mother’s Business 2022

Explanation of the Latest Ala Alatas Mother’s Business 2022

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wagesminimum.org- There are so many mothers who want to know about information Alatas’ Mother’s Business. Which this business is an easy and promising business.

What’s even more interesting is that this business comes from the source of wealth in the style of Alatas, the mother of beauty vlooger, Tasya Farasya, who is very rich.

This woman’s real name is Alawiyah Alatas. It is very well known as one of the socialites in Indonesia as an inspiration to many people.

Her famous name is not just her lifestyle, but glamor like most other socialites. She is also known as an independent woman or a career.

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What kind of business is it that many people are curious about the success of Mrs. Tasya? Let’s see the explanation this time below properly.

Giving a show About Mrs. Ala’s Business Who Is Successful In Her Business?

After we find out about this very promising business. It is a success achieved by Mrs. Ala.

For this question, who is Ala Alatas’s mother? So Ala Alatas is the mother of a beauty vlogger Tasya Farasya and Tasyi Athasyia.

He is someone who is one of the very rich people twist. The openness of his wealth started from the business he was running.

In addition to people who are famous in their own country, her name has also been included in the list of 100 women with high potential in the Men’s Obsession Magazine Special Edition for the sixth anniversary in 2010.

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Mrs. Ala managed to show her achievements to achieve success and get a highly respected award. The award is Smesco Inspiring Entrepreneur Business Award (SEIBA) in 2016 back.

Are you curious about what kind of business is managed by Mrs. Ala? Let’s not go anywhere, keep reading and listening to the discussion upahminimum.org.

Some of Alatas’ Mother’s Business

An information that you need to see and be able to do in the business field. To run a good business, Ala Alatas is a successful entrepreneur in his own company.

The company he owns is very large called PT Tifar Admanco. This company has been engaged in the distribution of a very professional workforce.

This company has circulated to middle east countries and other regions. This company is very petrified for marketing working in the professional field.

What’s even more interesting? this company provides professional skills to prospective Indonesian workers (TKI).

Ala Alatas tries to provide and send a very professional workforce. So that it can prevent high work risks for TKI workers.

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Evidence About Alatas’ Business

By holding a gift from the company. Many people say that it is easier to get a job and very secure in any field.

Well, that’s the explanation that you can see on the wageminimum.org website. About a very good business company in the field of good workforce.

This is a breakthrough for those of you who want to run a professional manpower import-export business. If you want to find more information about business, you can follow our discussion at wagesminimum.org.

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