First grain ship leaves under Russia deal

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  • Turkish and Ukrainian officials say the ship left the southern port of Odesa early on Monday morning local time.
  • Russia has been blockading Ukrainian ports since February, but the two sides made a deal to resume shipments.
  • It is hoped the agreement will ease the global food crisis and lower the price of grain.

The first grain ship from Ukraine to Russia has left port.

The ship departed Odesa early Monday local time, Turkish and Ukrainian authorities said.

The two sides agreed to restart exports after Russia blocked Ukrainian ports since February.

The accord may reduce grain prices and relieve the worldwide food crisis.

The Razoni, a Sierra Leone-flagged ship, will arrive in Tripoli, Lebanon, and future cargoes are scheduled.

The ship carrying 26,000 tonnes of corn will arrive in Turkish waters on Tuesday for inspection.

Infrastructure Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov told that Razoni was a test to show that Turkey could assist Ukraine negotiate dangerous waters.

He said, “Mine.” “There are old and new mines in the Black Sea since February,” he said.

Ships may depart Ukraine with tonnes of grain, but they may not have enough insurance.

Mr. Kubrakov anticipates one to three ships travelling in both directions in the next several weeks, with empty ships coming from Turkey’s Bosporus Strait.

Razoni’s inching out into the mine-infested Black Sea is a big step, but the operation must be sustained for Ukraine’s damaged economy or tens of millions of people worldwide to benefit.

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